• We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in all of Tampa

    We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in all of Tampa

    Here at Omega Animal Removal in Tampa, we go the extra mile to make sure your home is once again safe and clean after eradicating a wildlife infestation. Unlike some other wildlife control companies, we provide attic restoration services to remove all damages and traces left by the animals that once inhabited your Florida home. The scope of our attic restoration services depends on the type of animals that were in your attic and how long they were there.

    Generally, with prolonged infestations of rodents and other animals known to carry diseases, we will recommend you commit to a full restoration is performed. This is because we believe that the contamination is so severe, standard sanitation fogging treatments are not sufficient. You can rest assured that Omega Animal Removal will always be honest about the magnitude of your infestation and the necessity of services we recommend. We believe in providing you with quality and value, not selling you services that you don’t need and can’t afford.

    Making your attic more energy efficient.
    This is an example our air sealing where you see the fire block foam
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    Making your attic more energy efficient
    Our air sealing is designed to reduce air transfer between the attic and the interior of the home
    Making your attic more energy efficient
    The air leaks can come from even simple places like this
  • How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    The first phase of a full restoration involves removing all animal waste, dead animals, and insulation. The now bare attic undergoes a 3-step sanitation fogging treatment to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, pheromones, mold, mildew, and lingering animal odors. Our E.P.A. Certified HVAC technicians will inspect the attic for energy inefficiencies and provide solutions. New CertainTeed Insulsafe SP fiberglass insulation is blown in to an R-38 Value, the most up to date value required by the Tampa, FL building code.

    Omega Animal Removal in Tampa is so confident in the exceptional work we do, we know we can restore your attic to look as good as new—and our extensive, industry-leading guarantee proves it. Call us today to get an honest, accurate quote for a full attic restoration.

    Redoing attic insulation step 1
  • Why You Need Our Attic Restoration Services

    Why You Need Our Attic Restoration Services

    Every attic restoration performed by us includes energy efficiency inspections, performed by E.P.A. Certified HVAC technicians. After the old insulation is removed, they will look through your attic for any signs of inefficiencies, which could be costing you a great deal of money in utility bills. Such inefficiencies include gaps between areas that are supposed to be sealed, holes, and loose connections in your air conditioning and ventilation systems. Once all inefficiencies are spotted, we will provide solutions to ensure that your attic is 100% sealed off from the rest of your home, and thus, energy efficient. These solutions include the following:

    • Using a high quality fire-block insulator foam to seal airflow gaps in wall plates, electrical holes, exhaust fans, etc.
    • Sealing all compromised parts of your air conditioning system, including supply duct connections and the distribution box.
    • Installing covers on the pull-down attic stairs to prevent airflow in gaps.
    • Installing radiant barrier insulation, can light covers, and sealing.

    These and more solutions can be provided to you if your attic has any energy efficiency problems. Be sure to discuss all options with our HVAC technician so that you have the opportunity to achieve optimum energy efficiency in your home. Because our attic insulation installations produce higher energy efficiency in your home, you may notice the cost of your energy bills decreasing greatly. The amount saved in these bills will eventually offset the cost of the attic restoration. Call Omega Animal Removal in Tampa today and we'll ensure you get the best attic restoration services—we guarantee it.