• Don't Let Squirrels Nest in Your Southlake Home—Remove Them

    Don't Let Squirrels Nest in Your Southlake Home—Remove Them

    The California Ground Squirrel is one of the most troublesome wildlife species for homeowners, gardeners and business owners throughout the state. There are numerous species of squirrels that inhabit homes and offices in Southlake. They are active in all seasons, though less so in the summer. Squirrels are a massive nuisance when they are breeding and nesting. If there are squirrels in your attic, you are most likely to hear them during the daybreak and twilight and occasionally during the day. Southlake squirrels breed in the spring, and they can give birth to their litter of kittens inside of your attic.

    If you have baby squirrels in your attic, don’t hesitate to contact Omega Animal Removal, as mother squirrels are hugely destructive to your attic when trying to reach their kittens. Our Wildlife Specialist can offer facts about squirrels that you did not know, make recommendations based on the situation in your home, so that, together, you can make the best decision for removal and control of the animals.

    Squirrels have sharp front incisors, like other rodents, and can chew through just about anything, including wood, wires and shingles. Exposed wires are common causes of house fires. Squirrels generally set up latrines somewhere in your attic, urinating and defecating in a specific spot within your home. It’s adept reading of signs such as these that makes Omega Animal Removal the most obvious wildlife solution company in the Southlake area.

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  • Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

    Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

    Call us immediately if you recognize the following signs:

    • Squirrels fighting regularly can indicate overpopulation, something that drives squirrels into residences
    • Divots in your background indicate foraging for food
    • Noises such as scratching and thumping coming from your ceiling and walls
    • Squirrel droppings are similar to other rodent feces—contact your animal control professional for an accurate assessment of the situation
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  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Squirrel Removal

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Squirrel Removal

    Omega Animal Removal has a tried and true process for squirrel removal, which follows the basic methods for all our wildlife control problems.

    1. We begin with a full home inspection, evaluating the nature and scope of the squirrel infestation, making sure it is indeed a squirrel problem that you are suffering from.
    2. We then trap and remove all squirrels from the premises to a location far from the property. These highly territorial creatures often attempt to find their way back into homes they have inhabited, which is why the next step is hugely important.
    3. Exclusion is the process of closing all entrance points into your home with metal-based, weatherproof products that prevent squirrels from being able to re-enter your home.
    4. Decontamination is the final process by which we rid you of all evidence of past home invasions. We sanitize all affected areas using our superior fogging machine, removing and replacing insulation where necessary.

    Omega Animal Removal is the best in the industry when it comes to squirrel removal and control in the Southlake, TX, area. All you have to do is contact our office, and we will do the rest: remove the squirrels, fix the damages, decontaminate the attic and offer population control solutions, so that you don’t ever have to deal with squirrels in the future.