• Omega Animal Removal Gets Rid of Raccoons

    Omega Animal Removal Gets Rid of Raccoons

    Raccoons are common nuisances in the Southlake, TX, area and are slightly more complicated to control than most infestations as they are highly intelligent, innovative creatures and adept climbers. They are also one of the top carriers of the rabies virus in the United States, and will scavenge anything and everything, raiding your garbage and throwing waste all over your garden in search of anything edible. They threaten pets and steal their food, and once a raccoon has found a way inside your attic, they waste no time in tearing it apart, urinating and defecating all over your insulation and infecting the entire space with disease and parasites. Raccoons also destroy gardens by eating vegetables and plants and digging up lawns in search of grub and worms.

    The Center for Disease Control has named raccoons as the most dangerous animal to have within your residence because of the Hystoplasmosis spores released from their excrement. This is all in addition to the seemingly irreparable damage they cause to wiring, ductwork and insulation. You can take preventative measures by sealing up holes in your siding and eaves. Make sure you purchase a garbage can with a sturdy lid. Having a lock on it is a helpful additional measure, as is attaching the trash bin to a rack or structure that keeps it from being tipped over.

    Omega Animal Removal humanely and permanently removes raccoons with our 4-step, guaranteed process, beginning with a full home inspection and assessment. We then trap all raccoons on your property using a catch-pole or live trap, and always all-natural, humane methodology. Our third step is home exclusion to make sure these animals cannot re-enter by sealing all cracks and holes in your siding with weather-resistant, metal-based materials. We then paint over our work to prevent any signs that a gap ever existed. Finally, we decontaminate the entire space, often removing and replacing insulation when necessary, and using an advanced fogging technique to sanitize all affected areas of the home.

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  • Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

    Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

    Don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal if you recognize any of the following signs:

    • Overturned garbage bins and litter in the yard
    • Tracks around the size of a small dog
    • Fecal droppings 2-3 inches long
    • Heavy thumping at night coming from your ceiling or walls
    • Seeing a raccoon itself is often a sign they have made your attic a cozy home
    Raccoon In an Attic
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With a Raccoon Problem

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With a Raccoon Problem

    Dealing with raccoons is dangerous for ordinary citizens. Omega Animal Removal recognizes their behavior patterns and habits, easily tracking and trapping them to keep California residents free from invasion for years to come. Our process is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee which is unheard of in the wildlife control industry. The exclusion process we undergo is unique and permanent and we are so confident of this we are not afraid to back our claims with a promise of indefinite raccoon removal.

    Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to remove the raccoon(s) from your Southlake home or business. Omega Animal Removal will handle the removal process from step one until completion. If you have homeowners insurance, we will cooperate with your insurance provider, detailing the necessary steps of the removal process for them to fully understand the situation. Don’t wait to call for an inspection today!

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