Dead Animal Removal in Southlake, TX

  • Dead Animal Causing a Stink in Your Southlake Home or Business?

    Dead Animal Causing a Stink in Your Southlake Home or Business?

    We've all heard the expression, “it smells like something died in here.” Well perhaps it did. If you smell a terrible odor you can't seem to locate, chances are it's coming from your walls or attic. If this is the case, there very well could be a dead animal in you home. The problem is, often the smell is easy to detect, but the source of the smell is not. That’s where Omega Animal Removal comes in.

    Our wildlife specialists will inspect your attic, crawlspace or any other area where you suspect an animal has died. Once they pinpoint the dead animal’s location they will remove the animal immediately, then work to decontaminate the surrounding area to ensure that your or your loved ones’ health won’t be compromised as a result of your uninvited guest choosing your home as its final resting place. Animals commonly die within walls or attics because they instinctively search for dark, tight spaces when they’re near death

    Because dead animals carry disease and emit bacteria, it’s absolutely critical that a professional removes the dead animal and sterilizes the surrounding area. Moreover, Dead animals can bait scavengers that perpetuate the problem of animal infestation within your home or office. Call Omega Animal Removal today and we'll solve your dead animal problem quickly and efficiently.

    This is what we find in attics and why we sometimes have to do attic restorations
  • Omega Animal Removal Specializes in Dead Animal Removal in California

    Omega Animal Removal Specializes in Dead Animal Removal in California

    If an animal dies in in your house, it might not be the only one. Our Wildlife Specialists will thoroughly examine your Southlake home or office to find out whether or not you need to consider live animal removal services. Either way, we’ll make sure that we decontaminate your home, removing harmful contaminants from decomposition, as well as materials like feces and nesting areas that the animal may have left prior to its death.

    Depending on the nature of the damage done by the dead animal, we can offer you additional help, including:

    1. Live Animal Removal: If live animals reside in your home, we’ll remove them through live trapping or other tactics including one-way valves that allow animals to exit but not re-enter your home.
    2. Full Home Exclusion: We’ll find all possible entry points the animals had been using and seal them using top-of-the-line, metal-based products that can be customized to match the existing exterior of your home.
    3. Decontamination to Attic Restoration: Whether you need sanitation services followed by small fixes in insulation or a complete attic restoration, we can help ensure your home will be contaminant and rodent free for years to come—so many years in fact, we’ll give you a Life Time Guarantee.
  • Omega handling dead animals

    Omega handling dead animals