• Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Southlake Attic

    Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Southlake Attic

    When your Southlake attic becomes home to a large number of uninvited guests, attic restoration is often the best way to protect the health of those who live in your home or work in your building. Attic restorations are not necessary for all rodent-infested attics, but we'll be upfront and tell you these jobs require sizable amount of time and money. That’s why we want to make sure you know everything you should about our restoration services.

    We don’t use scare tactics when it comes to how many animals are in your home or how harmful they may be to your health. Be wary of companies who do this in hopes of getting you to purchase completely new insulation. That said, if your ongoing rodent problem is severe enough, and our fogging treatment alone won’t fully decontaminate or sanitize your home, our Rodent Control Specialist may determine that a full restoration is in your best interest. We pledge to be completely transparent about our attic removal services and encourage you to talk to us, and even our competitors, to make sure you fully understand what’s best for your home.

  • How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    1. We remove all existing insulation and contaminants from your attic.
    2. After all insulation and debris is removed, we decontaminate and sanitize the entire attic space. Using our state-of-the-art fogging system, we kill all viruses, bacteria, fungus, pheromones and microbes, and include a mold and mildew fogging treatment for free.
    3. We then blow in brand new CertainTeed Insulsafe SP fiberglass insulation to an R-38 value.
    Attic Restoration by Omega Animal RemovalMaking your attic more energy efficient.
    This is an example our air sealing where you see the fire block foam
  • ...

    Making your attic more energy efficient
    The air leaks can come from even simple places like this
    Making your attic more energy efficient
    Our air sealing is designed to reduce air transfer between the attic and the interior of the home
  • Increasing Energy Efficiency Through Attic Restoration

    Increasing Energy Efficiency Through Attic Restoration

    Omega Animal Removal staffs EPA Certified HVAC technicians because our goal isn’t to simply to give you new insulation, but instead to give you a new and improved attic. One of our technicians will examine your attic to find each and every area that may be making your home less energy efficient. Omega Animal Removal attic restoration goes the extra mile to make sure your air condition systems is operating at maximum efficiency to save you money over time by doing the following:

    Using a fire-block insulator foam to spot seal all gaps (like electrical holes or exhaust fans) that enable airflow from between the attic and the rest of your home.

    Sealing off your distribution box, plume, air-conditioning supply duct connections, run connections and more.

    Preventing airflow from the gaps around pull-down stairs by installing attic stair covers.

    Sealing off airflow around your radiator.

    Installing light overs and sealing off airflow around light covers.

    Providing a full analysis from our HVAC technician that details all steps necessary to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

  • Why You Need Attic Restoration Services

    Why You Need Attic Restoration Services

    Attic restoration is not a solution in itself to your animal infestation problem. Responsible for the cleanup phase, they are the simply the third step of a complete solution.

    Cellulose insulation that’s treated in boric acid is not “rodent proof.” This insulation is great at keeping bugs out, but does little to prevent squirrel and rat infestation. Many of our competitors rely on cellulose insulation because it cuts their costs, priced at $7 to $9 per bag. Our fiberglass insulation costs $27 per bag. The minimum required insulation that meets housing standards has an R-30 value and is roughly 13” think before it settles. We use insulation with an R-38 value that is roughly 16’ thick before it settles.

    Because of our attention to detail and knack for excellence, many of our clients report seeing a dramatic decrease in the cost of their electric as a result of our blow-in methods and superior products. Over time, an Omega Animal Removal attic restoration often pays for itself by offsetting high energy costs. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive tax credits for replacing your insulation

    When rodents overtake your attic, it's more than a nuisance problem. Your family and workers' health is at stake. Call Omega Animal Removal to assist with you complete attic restoration. We'll give you an honest estimate, a free quote and best of all, peace of mind.