• Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    San Diego's steady warm climate keeps local wild active year round. These wild animals destroy yards and properties of hardworking homeowners. Armadillos, moles, snakes, pocket gophers and other sneaky animals are always finding ways to ruin your property.

    What makes it even worse is the daily habits of these animals. They are typically unseen during the day as they tend to sleep then. They only emerge at night and wreak havoc without detection. The good news is that there are experts who know exactly how to deal with these animals. Our Omega Wildlife Specialists will come to your rescue as soon you make the call.

    There are a few signs you can look for to detect presence of the animals in your yard. Look for dead, broken or patched turf. Large holes and burrows beside your structure are also another indication. You may even find a shedded snake skin. Not all the animals create the same property type of damage, so it is important that you have an expert identify the type of animal problem you're having. You can protect yourself and the rest of your family today by simply placing a call to us as soon as you notice any of these signs.

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  • Common Property Damaging Wildlife in San Diego

    Common Property Damaging Wildlife in San Diego

    • Snakes Snakes are very common in San Diego. Most of them cause no harm but venomous ones are among them. You may not be able to easily determine which ones are poisonous and which ones are not, so it is strongly recommended to leave snakes alone and let a professional handle it. They will unlikely cause much damage to your property, but you'll want to have them removed for peace of mind. Get in touch with a professional Omega Animal Specialist to help relocate the animal and protect your family.
    • Armadillos San Diego is home to an armadillo population, which is bad news to property owners. They are a common enemy to a well manicured yard as they will often burrow their hideouts against your pool deck, home and or other concrete structures. With such burrows, your structure’s foundation can be fatally weakened and you may have to incur high costs in rebuilding such structures if the animals are not removed and relocated in time. Even more, the animal will often forage by the sod in your yard and completely destroy it as it digs around for insects and grubs.

    There are a host of other animals that may cause extreme damage to your property but these are rather common in San Diego. Others, including mice and rats, are also very common in any warm environment and may be very destructive. They pose even more danger as they can attract predators, like snakes. If you spot any of these animals in your home yard or at your business premises, call Omega Animal Removal immediately to help get rid of the animals before more damage is caused.

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