• Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    Tiresome animals that destroy property have usually adapted to growing quickly and multiplying their numbers within a short span of time. Rats and mice, for instance, are very destructive and can chew through literally any material that is not metallic or rock-based. The same is true for squirrels, raccoons and opossums. Controlling these populations in the vicinity of your San Diego home becomes an integral part of every wildlife management initiative.

    The term population control literally means regulating the number of animals in question in the areas surrounding your home. The more rodents, the more likely they will make attempts to enter residences and businesses. With a reduced number of these animals you can be assured that there will be little to no concern in the terms of recurring rodent problems. Omega Animal Removal uses natural deterrents to keep away animals like skunks and armadillos. These methods are extremely effective and will prevent animals from destroying your property, yards or flower beds. We stay ahead of our competition by ensuring that we use only state of the art techniques for keeping destructive animals from accessing your property. The use of completely natural population management techniques are unique in the industry. We guarantee safety of your family by using non transferable products in controlling the populations of rodents in your home. The products are kept in sheltered boxes that will be safe around any children or pets.

    The rodent bait stations used by our professionals are maintained on monthly intervals to guarantee optimum cleanliness. Your home will also be checked on a monthly basis for any chewing, damage or any indication that the rodents are making attempts to find access into your home again. At Omega Animal Removal we keep our communication channels open at all times to be in touch with you from the first moment you notice an issue with wildlife control.

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  • Signs of a Population Control Problem

    Signs of a Population Control Problem

    • Tracks through your yard or lawn
    • Commotion in the attic, such as thumping, scrabbling or squeaking
    • Droppings ranging in size from a pen point to that of a small dog
    • Rank or musty smells leaking from strange places in your house and increasing over time
    • Urine patches in the attic, cupboard or crawlspaces
    • Holes or mounds of dirt dotting your lawn
    • Trails of unearthed sod snaking through your garden
  • Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Rodents use innate scent tactics to draw others to join them. They always leave trails of urine and feces which contain pheromones that guide others directly into formed nesting sites. Omega Animal Removal has developed superior methods that beat sneaky rodent infiltrations. Complete residential exclusion is followed with neighborhood population control that keeps your home safe from wildlife. Our methods ensure that your home is free of any access vulnerability.

    From damage repair, cleaning and sanitizing to local neighborhood population monitoring, Omega Animal Removal is the essential wildlife control service to have on your side. Our unique Lifetime Guarantee arrests any future concern about recurring rodent or wild animal infestations, ensuring that your home stays free of unwelcome creatures and that local populations remain limited for years to come.