• Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Homeowners face a number of challenges every day, and one of the most frustrating is when wildlife encroaches on your previously peaceful San Antonio, Texas property. Wild animals can cause a lot of damage to a yard or garden, so at some point you may need the help of Omega Animal Removal.

    In spring and summer, animals becomes more active, and San Antonio residents find themselves having to deal with moles, armadillos, snakes, pocket gophers and a variety of other below-ground dwellers. These furry pests can wreak havoc on your property. They spend the day curled up in their holes, only to emerge at night to mate, forage and generally cause you grief. Since they are nocturnal, it is almost impossible to predict what they will do, and it is very difficult to stop them.

    If you are uncertain that you have a wildlife problem, here are a few things to look out for:

    • Damaged or dead patches of sod
    • Tunnels or holes near or next to a structure
    • Piles of excavated dirt and debris
    • Shed snake skins

    Call the professionals at Omega Animal Removal in San Antonio to help you solve your nuisance wildlife problem. We will inspect your property and suggest a solution to stop your unwelcomed visitors from tearing your yard apart.

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  • Common Property Damaging Wildlife in San Antonio

    Common Property Damaging Wildlife in San Antonio

    If you encounter any of the issues above, please contact Omega Animal Removal for a consultation. We are happy to come out and look around, to help you deal with your furry pests. We will live-trap, remove, and relocate them humanely. Below are the most common animals that are damaging San Antonio properties:

    • Armadillos San Antonio, Texas has its share of nuisance animals, and armadillos are at the top of the list. They dig deep burrows that run along the side of homes, decks, pools, and other structures. It is important to remove armadillos quickly before they can cause serious damage to the foundation of your home. Moreover, they tear up your sod in search of delicacies like grubs, insects, and other tasty treats found in shallow dirt. Look for the signs of an armadillo: large burrows alongside your house or outbuildings, or areas of uprooted sod.
    • Snakes Most snakes in the San Antonio, Texas are no threat to humans. However, you may occasionally stumble over a venomous one, so it is best to leave snakes alone as much as possible. They do not cause much property damage, but they might scare a few years off your life should you happen across a snake in the long grass. To be safe, take no chances with a snake. Call Omega Animal Removal to come and trap, remove, and relocate a snake on the off chance it is venomous.
    • Nutria Nutria are a large rodent that live near bodies of fresh water. They burrow for grubs and insects, and in the process tear up the sod and damage the roots. They are common in the San Antonio, Texas area—especially on golf courses. However, you are unlikely to encounter nutria unless you live on or near a freshwater body. They are not difficult to trap and relocate.

    The above list discusses the three most common property-damaging critters that you might encounter in the San Antonio, Texas area. You may also run across iguanas, pocket gophers, and moles; if you do, call Omega Animal Removal, and we will safely and humanely remove and relocate any animal damaging your yard.

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