• Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your San Antonio Attic

    Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your San Antonio Attic

    Are you hearing thumping or scratching noises from upstairs? Are rolling sounds, chirping, or screeching coming from the—presumably—empty attic of your San Antonio, Texas home? If so, you may have a nuisance wildlife problem on your hands. The sooner you call a wildlife professional, the more sleep you save and the sooner you can rest easy with the guaranteed removal and exclusion against any future infestations.

    Omega Animal Removal is the most experienced Texas wildlife removal company, basing our efforts on detailed knowledge of animal behavior, habitat and tendencies. We are fully equipped to remove the nuisance wildlife in your attic or walls.

    Some of the most common attic invaders in the San Antonio, Texas area are squirrels, raccoons, rats, opossums and bats. If you hear animal activity in the morning or early evening, you probably have a squirrel visitor. The other animals are largely nocturnal and become active between midnight and 4am. Because it is nighttime and the surroundings are quieter, you may overestimate the volume of the sound and the size of the animal. Opossums, for example, can often sound as if someone is walking around upstairs, but they are generally no larger than a cat.

    Our removal methods vary based on the situation and the type of animal. In some cases, we use live traps on the roof, in the attic or around the perimeter of the roof. In other cases, we install a one-way valve along the animal’s main entry point. The one-way valve allows the critter to pass outside, but prevents it from returning to its nest. The only way to rid yourself permanently of the animals in your attic is to perform a full exclusion, which blocks all entrances to your home through cracks in the siding and roofline, etc.

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  • Most Common Wildlife Entering Your Texas Attic

    Most Common Wildlife Entering Your Texas Attic


    San Antonio, Texas is a big town with a big rat population. As construction sites move deeper into swampy and woodsy areas, we encounter more and more rats making their way into private homes. The increase in the rat population causes numerous problems. Rats chew on electrical wiring and cause house fires. They gnaw on ductwork and create thousands of dollars in damage. They also spread disease via droppings, mold, bacteria and fleas. The sound of light scratching in the middle of the night may indicate you have rats in your attic.


    Squirrels are one of the most common San Antonio, Texas nuisances. Their incessant incisor growth means they are constantly grinding down their front teeth. Therefore, they chew on anything, and can cause a lot of damage to wiring, ductwork and roof beams. They are diurnal, so you might hear them in the morning or during daylight hours. Call Omega Animal Removal, and have us remove them before they do costly damage.


    Raccoons are among the largest nuisances that tend to invade the attics of San Antonio, Texas homes. They are so loud, people sometimes think they have a burglar upstairs. Raccoon feces are toxic and very harmful to humans, while raccoons themselves are frequent carriers of rabies. Call Omega Animal Removal quickly before you fall ill from exposure to raccoon droppings.


    The only marsupial in North America, opossums are eager to clamber into your San Antonio, Texas attic or crawlspace. They are smaller than raccoons and louder than rats. Opossums often travel with fleas, so you might find yourself doubly infested. If you suspect you have an opossum in your attic, call Omega Animal Removal quickly before the fleas and mites spread throughout your home, requiring complete insulation replacement.


    Bats are common here in San Antonio, Texas and often make their way into attics. If you suspect you have bats, keep an eye out for bat droppings, called “guano,” dripping underneath the tiles or shingles of the roofline where they live. Screeching sounds and a strong smell of ammonia are other signals. Bats are a federally protected animal, so do not attempt to capture or move them yourself. Instead, call Omega Animal Removal for safe and legal bat control.

    The animals listed above are those most common in San Antonio, Texas, though other animals might decide to take up residence in your attic or crawlspace. If you hear noises from inside your dwelling that indicates you have an unwelcome furry houseguest, call Omega Animal Removal, and we will help you avoid any further damage to your home or commercial building.