• Need an Animal Removed From Your San Antonio Home? Call Us Today

    Need an Animal Removed From Your San Antonio Home? Call Us Today

    If you live in the San Antonio area, contact Omega Animal Removal for all your animal control needs. We use all natural solutions to solve your nuisance wildlife infestation problems. We do not offer traditional pest control services; instead, we focus our attentions on eradicating nuisance animals from residential properties.

    We start by trapping and humanely removing the animals from your attic. Next, we exclude them from returning by blocking their entry points with sturdy metal fixtures. After that, we carefully decontaminate your attic or area of infestation with state-of-the-art fogging machines, which emit tiny molecules of disinfectant that penetrate the wood and insulation of the nest site. This disinfectant cleans and deodorizes the area, and prevents other animals from being attracted to the spot by a pheromone trail.

    Our techniques, attention to detail, and equipment are so advanced that we can offer a Lifetime Guarantee, a fact that sets Omega Animal Removal apart from our competitors in San Antonio.

    Residential Services Offered By Omega Animal Removal
  • Common Wildlife Nuisances in San Antonio, Texas

    Common Wildlife Nuisances in San Antonio, Texas

    With Omega Animal Removal, rest assured our residential animal control services are carried out by only the most knowledgeable technicians with the best equipment.

    If you're experiencing issues with any of the following animals, give us a call today:

    • Rats damaging to attics, ductwork and crawlspaces
    • Squirrels infiltrating attics and gnawing on wood and electrical
    • Armadillos burrowing next to foundations and other inconvenient areas on your property
    • Raccoons taking up residence in your attic or crawlspace
    • Opossums building a nest in your attic and crawlspace
    • Hogs overrunning yards
    • Snakes hiding in tall brush and under porches in spring and summer, and warm indoor spaces in colder months

    Bees constructing hives in or around your home and stinging residents

  • Omega's 4-Step Process Takes Care Of Your Problem—We Guarantee It

    Omega's 4-Step Process Takes Care Of Your Problem—We Guarantee It

    1. Omega Animal Removal does not destroy any trapped animals. Rather, we humanely capture, remove and relocate them away from your San Antonio, Texas home.
    2. We use only the top quality materials to perform a full home exclusion, which prevents the wildlife from re-entering your dwelling. Our products are metal-based, so they are sturdy and durable enough that rodents cannot chew through them. This lets us guarantee your home for life.
    3. After removal and exclusion, we clean up and decontaminate the infestation site to remove pheromone traces and prevent another infestation. We also eradicate all harmful viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms that might be present and harmful to humans.
    4. Finally, we work with you to find a way to control the external population of rodents, so others do not decide to nest in your attic.
  • Why Choose Omega Animal Removal?

    Why Choose Omega Animal Removal?

    Some animals, such as prairie dogs, skunks, moles, armadillos, and pocket gophers, cause a lot of yard and property damage. In such cases, our specialists will focus on holes, burrows, and dig marks along your property line and in the grass. After scouting the property and gathering evidence, the specialists will determine the nature of the problem, type of animal and best procedure for removal.

    Omega Animal Removal provides you with peace of mind, knowing that you have the finest team in the industry working to solve your nuisance animal problem. The specialist will chat with you to discover whatever information you can provide. Once we know what problems you have noticed, the specialist will take a tour of the grounds and perimeter of the home, to look for potential entry points. Then he will climb onto your roof, to do the same up there. Roof entry is most common, so it is important that we close off any points of entry that wildlife may use to enter your home.

    Once the entry points on the ground and roofline have been identified, the specialist will ask permission to inspect the attic. He will look for signs of nesting and other rodent activity, such as chew marks on wood and ductwork, feces, urine stains, and other debris. This helps identify the type of animal, the scope of the infestation, and the animal population.

    Upon returning from the attic, the specialist will consult with you, explain what needs to happen and work out a plan of action that will be covered under our Lifetime Guarantee. Contact us today and ask which of our San Antonio residential animal removal services are right for you.