• Full Residential Exclusions for San Antonio Homes and Properties

    Full Residential Exclusions for San Antonio Homes and Properties

    When Omega Animal Removal performs a full home exclusion, we close off every possible point of entry into your home, so that the animals we remove—and those attempting to enter in the future—cannot come your home and continue damaging your attic or trim.

    The process is time-consuming and tedious, but it is imperative. It may be the most important step in the animal removal solution. To do it well requires an intimate understanding of rodent behavior and instincts. Do not let just anybody perform this important step. Be sure to hire a trained Omega Animal Removal Rodent Control Specialist. That way, the pests will never return to your home to cause more damage. Our specialists’ main focus when they visit your home is to locate all access points by which rodents can enter your home or attic, and to shut them down.

    Because our Rodent Control Specialists have undergone specialized training, they understand rat behavior. Thus, they excel at spotting and closing up these points of entry with a variety of exclusion techniques. This is what makes Omega Animal Removal unique in the industry, and what lets us offer a Lifetime Guarantee to our customers. Our competitors cannot match our techniques, and may therefore fail to locate one or more points of entry. For this reason, they do not offer the same guarantee.

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  • Exclusion Services in San Antonio

    Exclusion Services in San Antonio

    Most animal control companies use spray foam for residential exclusions. This is terribly unfortunate for customers because although it is ideal for sealing windows or pipes, it simply is not effective against rats or squirrels. Rodents often access your attic by chewing through solid wood. Plugging the hole with spray foam is no solution since squirrels or rats can easily chew through it and return to their nests. Once this happens, the homeowners must repeat the animal removal process, which can cost additional thousands of dollars.

    Omega Animal Removal uses all metal materials for residential exclusions. These materials are safe against rats, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, or any other pest that might try to chew its way back to its nest through a former passage. We mount these materials with top quality, weatherproof sealants, which is one reason we can offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

    Many customers are concerned about the aesthetic effects of exclusion materials on the outside of their home. We are sensitive to the fact that you have worked hard to maintain your home and keep it looking beautiful. Therefore, we paint our materials to match the exterior of your home, so the exclusion process does not draw attention to itself. In fact, they are hardly visible from the street level, and our Rodent Control Specialist will be happy to show you before-and-after pictures to prove the point. You will be surprised at how effective our exclusion materials are, and yet how imperceptible.

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