Bat Removal and Bat Control in San Antonio, Texas

  • Bat Removal and Control in San Antonio, Texas

    Bat Removal and Control in San Antonio, Texas

    Bats are often seen as flying rodents, and though they are not rodents, bats have almost as much variety of species as rodents do, comprising over 900 different winged species within the only order of mammals that can fly. In this way the rodent comparison is not far off. They are much more essential to the world’s sustainability than rats and mice, however. They pollinate flowers and consume mosquitoes and generally keep quietly to themselves and out of the way. Some homeowners also install bat houses on their premises to attract bats as a natural method of bug and insect control. It also deters bats from making a home out of residents’ attics.

    Once bats decide to use an attic for their roosting grounds, they can cause significant damage to the structure, littering the ground with guano (bat excrement), which is incredibly messy and hazardous to the health of humans and pets. It is generally thought that bats have made attics their roosting location of choice. Mining shafts have become less common with the changing economy and caverns along the southwestern United States are built into housing developments and/or tourist attractions. Bats prefer dark, unpopulated, dry spaces, so attics tend to be ideal for roosting and occasionally hibernating throughout the winter months.

    Bat control and removal is made complicated by the harsh state and federal laws against inadvertent harming of the species. They can enter through a hole smaller than an inch, fly away when threatened and are protected heavily by laws across California. Omega Animal Removal is the best service for bat control throughout the southwest, with a deep understanding of the legal restraints and adept control of all-natural removal techniques. If you recognize any of the signs of a bat infestation, don’t hesitate to call.

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  • Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Call Omega Animal Removal if any of the following signs persist:

    • Increase in the number of bats flitting around your home around dusk or dawn
    • Guano, bat droppings, are often about twice the size of rodent feces
    • Fluttering or squeaking noises coming from your ceiling or walls
  • Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    It is near impossible for a homeowner in Los Angeles, California to manage a bat infestation on their own. The extensive network of bat protection laws on the state and federal level are daunting to say the least. Omega Animal Removal has an intricate comprehension of the laws surrounding bat protection and of bat behavior patterns in general. Bat removal operations are limited to months outside May to August as the youth within the maternity colony are unlikely to gain their flying power until several months after birth. They die without the support of their mothers, and regardless of legal circumstances an attic full of deceased baby bats is far more horrifying than one with a quiet bat population sleeping there during the day and flying out to feed at night. Ectoparasite infestations are attracted by dead bats and significantly more hazardous than the bat infestation itself.

    Bats hibernate from late autumn through early spring, and occasionally choose residential attics as their hibernation grounds. It was generally assumed bats moved to caves or mines during the winter, but we now suspect many prefer attics because they are more likely to stay above 45 degrees throughout the winter months. They can sometimes migrate from the attic down your walls and even into your basement, so it is not unheard of to find bats hibernating in lower levels of your home during the winter. Contact Omega Animal Removal to coordinate an inspection of your Los Angeles, California property to establish a strategy for rapid removal during the fall or winter months.

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  • Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal & Decontamination in San Antonio

    Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal & Decontamination in San Antonio

    Bats are not harmful to humans or pets in themselves, but bat exclusion requires a meticulous hand and must be conducted with intricate understanding of species behavior and habitat as well as legal restraints and requirements. Omega Animal Removal has a team of licensed specialists who use only the highest quality metal-based products in their methodology.

    Despite being used as one of the most effective fertilizers in other circumstances, guano is hazardous to pets and humans for the various diseases and viruses it contains. Ammonia is cited as the main complaint from those suffering from bat infestations, and it can take years to remove the smell if not handled professionally. Guano stains the surfaces of things it comes into contact with, adding to the damage incurred by a bat population living in your home. A full attic restoration is often necessary to eliminate the health concerns and properly sanitize the premises. Omega Animal Removal’s 4-step process begins with a 2-step inspection in which we first determine the points through which the bats exit the premises in the evenings and then return to observe them in their resting state during daylight.

    1. This 2-step evaluation of the scope of the problem and possible points of entry and exit for the bats comprise our first of four steps, the next of which is to
    2. Remove bats through meticulous, humane procedure.
    3. We then perform exclusion, in which an Omega Animal Removal Specialist seals all points of entry with permanent metal-based products and match the paint to the exterior of your home or office.
    4. Finally we decontaminate and do damage control in which we clean the sanitize and repair all bat related damage, leaving your home better than new.

    Call Omega Animal Removal if you have the slightest suspicion of a bat infestation, as time is of the essence with this particular species!