• We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in San Antonio

    We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in San Antonio

    One of the most important services we offer at Omega Animal Removal in San Antonio is for attic restoration. In some cases, it is the only way to get the attic back into an acceptable shape after wildlife has made their home in yours. After a serious, long-term rodent infestation, simply cleaning and disinfecting may not be enough. Unfortunately, attic restorations are expensive, labor intensive and time consuming. Therefore, you need keep several considerations in mind when making a decision about your individual situation, and Omega Animal Removal is here to offer their advice and expertise.

    Some companies overestimate the scope and severity of the infestation, or exaggerate the health risks your family or employees face to get you to commit to their attic restoration service. In many cases, you do not need to remove and replace your attic insulation completely. If your infestation problem does not warrant it, we will not recommend the service to you.

    Our services include—but are not limited to—the following:

    • Using fire-block insulator foam to spot seal gaps in the attic that allow airflow into the living area
    • Sealing all ducts and air conditioner connections
    • Installing a cover on the attic stairs to prevent air flow through the gaps
    • Installing radiant barrier insulation
    • Sealing and covering can lights

    Inspecting your attic and informing you of all energy efficiency techniques available to you

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    Making your attic more energy efficient
    Our air sealing is designed to reduce air transfer between the attic and the interior of the home
    Making your attic more energy efficient
    The air leaks can come from even simple places like this
  • How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    If our Rodent Control Specialist should discover evidence of profound, long-term infestation in your San Antonio home or business, he may recommend need restoration services. An attic restoration is only needed if the infestation is beyond what a simple trapping and fogging procedure can repair. The list below will help you understand our attic restoration process in three quick steps:

    1. We clean the attic and remove feces, debris, and existing insulation.
    2. We sanitize the bare attic with our state-of-the-art fogger machines, which destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microorganisms. When you order an attic restoration, we offer a second mold and mildew fogging treatment at no extra cost to you.
    3. We blow in new ISP R-38 insulation, which meets the new home building code standard.
    Attic insulation redone
  • Why You Need Attic Restoration Services

    Why You Need Attic Restoration Services

    At Omega Animal Removal, we are not just animal removal experts. We are also energy efficiency experts. When we perform an attic restoration, we do not simply remove the old insulation and blow in the new. Cellulose insulation is popular with our competitors because it costs under $10 per bag. The insulation we use is far superior, and its price of $27 per bag indicates it as such. Omega Animal Removal blows in R-38 value insulation, which is approximately 16 inches thick before it settles.

    Before adding the new insulation, we carefully examine your attic and identify any possible areas where you might be losing heat and thereby paying too much to heat your home. We seal off your attic completely from your living space, inspect your ductwork, and make sure your HVAC system is running properly. Over the long term, we can help you save a considerable amount of money and lessen your carbon footprint.

    Moreover, attic restorations are not about solving your infestation problem; rather, they are part of the cleanup phase. In addition to getting peace of mind that your attic is free of critters, our clients often see impressive reductions in their heating costs after our attic restorations, due to the high quality insulation we use. The lowered energy costs due to the improved insulation mean that attic restorations often pay for themselves over time. We advise that you look for any tax credits that may be available to you after an attic restoration. Contact Omega Animal Removal in San Antonio and we'll promptly send one of our specialists to your home or business.