• Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Plano Attic

    Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Plano Attic

    Noises coming in the middle of the night from the attic of your Plano home are usually a sign that one or more animals have taken shelter in your house. Aside from being a bit terrifying, these noises can mess up your sleeping habits and be a cause of stress that you might not even pinpoint in the beginning. Whether you're dealing with a single opossum or a colony of bats, you need to call Omega Animal Removal as soon as you are aware of their presence, and our specialists will remove the animals, repair the damages, and offer prevention solutions.

    Animals in your attic will not only make noise, but also cause a lot of damage to your ductwork, cables, structural beams or wood, which is why it is best to immediately call Omega Animal Removal if you or any other family members hear something strange in the attic. The sooner we take charge of the situation, the fewer risks, and the lower the costs.

    Don’t forget that these animals might also be carrying diseases that can be easily spread through your air-conditioning system. Plus, if an animal dies in your attic, crawlspace or walls, you'll have to thoroughly decontaminate and sanitize the area. Once you contact us, a Wildlife Specialist will visit your home, make the proper assessments, remove and relocate the animals and do a full home exclusion in order to repair the damages and prevent the situation from happening again.

    Omega Animal Removal has specific removal procedures based on the animal’s species. We can place live traps on the roof or in the attic, or even around your property. Another method we use is installing valves on the entry points, so that the animals will not be able to return once they leave for food. After visiting your home, a Wildlife Specialist will suggest the most effective courses of action. No matter the case, we custom fit our solutions in order to fully satisfy your needs and remove the animals humanely.

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  • Signs of a Wildlife Infestation in Your Attic

    Signs of a Wildlife Infestation in Your Attic

    Don't share your Plano home with wild animals any longer. Not only will they keep you up at night, animal infestations are responsible for a variety of problems, with some of the most severe being electrical fires and disease. Contact Omega Animal Removal if you notice any of the following:

    • Scratching noises
    • Banging noises
    • Rolling noises
    • Squealing noises
    • Chirping
  • Most Common Wildlife Entering Your California Attic

    Most Common Wildlife Entering Your California Attic


    Rats are found around houses all over the world, and Plano is no exception. The rat population is continuously increasing, and medical studies show that more and more people are getting sick because of the diseases that these animals carry and spread around. More and more rat invasions are reported in houses and businesses all over California, and, if not taken care of in time, their consequences can have serious repercussions. Whether we are talking about financial losses, health issues or damages to your attic, it is always better to prevent or fix rodent issues in early stage than to stress yourself. If you hear noises that you did not hear before in your attic, such as scratching or chewing, especially at night, contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you can, and let us help you get rid of the rats in your attic.


    Always fun to watch in the wild, or in parks, squirrels can turn into real troublemakers if they decide to take shelter inside your Plano attic. They’re famous for chewing on whatever they can find, such as ductwork or wires. Based on our extensive experience with both rats and squirrels, we can even say that damages caused by squirrels can be higher when compared to rats. As these animals become more used to people and learn how to survive around your house, they realize that it is easier to make a home in your attic, where they are protected from predators. This number has also grown due to the increase of the real estate market, and the building of new houses. Squirrels are most likely to be heard during sunrise or sunset, and you can recognize them by the scratching or rolling noises that they make. If you are dealing with a squirrel invasion, contact Omega Animal Removal, and our specialists will help resolve the problem.


    The biggest and loudest animals you can find in your attics in Plano, raccoons are also the most dangerous given the large amount of damage they can cause in the shortest amount of time. Also, raccoons carry diseases that can jeopardize your health and the health of your family. Their feces are highly toxic and can make you seriously ill. If you do have raccoons in the attic, you will most likely hear a sound that is similar to a tiny human walking around. If this noise is familiar to you, please contact Omega Animal Removal and we will immediately take care of the problem, removing all raccoons safely, and cleaning out your attic.


    These rat-tailed mammals can do quite a number on your Plano yard or home, and they can be found in attics or crawlspaces. Even though they are a bit smaller than a raccoon, the sounds they make are also loud, although they do not resemble those made by humans. The major problems concerning opossums are related to your health, as they can carry fleas and infest your entire home. Call Wildlife Specialist as soon as you are aware of their presence. Contact Omega Animal Removal, and let us remove the opossums and take care of the fleas.


    Another wildlife species frequently found in attics all over Plano are bats. Along with the loud squealing noises, the presence of bats can also be noted by an ammonia-like odor from their feces (guano) dripping from the rooflines. Bats are one of the species that are protected by federal laws, which is why you should never try and deal with them yourself. Instead, call Omega Animal Removal as soon as you realize you have a bat infestation in your attic, and our specialists will take care of everything, from removing the animals to cleaning their mess and repairing the damages.

    Keep in mind that there can be other wildlife species roaming around your Plano attic, and the ones we mentioned above are the most frequent offenders. No matter the noise you hear from your attic, whether squealing, chirping or scratching, contact Omega Animal Removal and we will proceed to remove the animals, repair the damages, decontaminate your home or place of business and make sure that this will not happen in the future.