• Rid Your Plano Home of Squirrels for Good

    Rid Your Plano Home of Squirrels for Good

    Squirrels are highly common throughout the Plano, TX, area and are typically seen as cute cohabitors within the city. It is not until overpopulation becomes a problem that squirrels start to make their homes in private residences, using attics instead of the limited resource of local trees. The fact that squirrels are wild animals becomes evident as soon as they enter a home where they chew through wood and wires and urinate and defecate all over your attic insulation, squabbling loudly at all hours and gnawing through just about anything they can get their teeth on.

    As urban areas lose more and more of their trees to housing developments, particularly in the Plano and surrounding area, squirrels are finding residential attics attractive alternatives to tree trunks for their nesting sites. This is very problematic because squirrels are massively territorial, and once they have made a home of your residence, it is near impossible to keep them away without professional help. Our Squirrel Control Specialists are at your service, using their unique combination of intricate knowledge of squirrel behavior and habitat as well as years of experience to eradicate the population from your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Squirrels are rodents, and typically on the lesser end of the invasive spectrum. It is a result of their habitat reduction that squirrels are driven into residences. The competition for space pushes them into a population explosion that pushes them out of the tree tops and into the closest, most convenient alternative: attics in readymade structures. Once they have figured out how to enter your home, they waste no time in destroying its interior, chewing through everything from insulation and drywall to PVC pipes and wood beams. Omega Animal Removal is adept at trapping and removing squirrels, performing an exclusion process that keeps them out of your home forever. It is important to call as soon as you recognize the symptoms of a squirrel infestation as time is of the essence in preventing dangerous damage to your home.

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  • Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

    Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

    Call Omega Animal Removal directly if you recognize any of the following:

    • Divots in your lawn and chewed plants indicate squirrels foraging for nuts and food
    • Squabbling squirrels in the neighborhood are typically a sign of overpopulation
    • Scratching and faint thumping noises coming from your attic, walls and vents could be squirrels running around
    • Fecal matter about the size of a pen point are similar to other rodent droppings, so it is important to have a professional assess the species at hand before determining you have a squirrel infestation
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Squirrel Removal

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Squirrel Removal

    Omega Animal Removal is the most trusted company in squirrel control and our confidence in our 4-step method allows us to be both the most competitively priced service and the only one with our unique Lifetime Guarantee. Our method includes the following comprehensive steps:

    1. Evaluating the scope of the problem and the points of entry into your home.
    2. Trapping and removing all animals.
    3. Exclusion of all possible re-entry, which includes sealing off entry points with high quality metal-based products and cutting back overhanging branches from which squirrels can jump onto your roof, up to 8-10 feet from your eaves.
    4. Finally, we repair all damages to your home, paint over filled cracks and holes so previous openings are unrecognizable, replace insulation where necessary and decontaminate your attic and crawlspaces touched by the infestation.

    We are certain that our process is the most effective, cost-efficient on the market. Call Omega Animal Removal today for your consultation on the road to a squirrel-free home.

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