Skunk Removal and Control in Plano, TX

  • We Know How to Get Rid of Skunks in Los Angeles

    We Know How to Get Rid of Skunks in Los Angeles

    Skunks have a reputation for an unmistakeable stench that has sullied their name as a general description of any foul odor. There is no confusing the dense stink that comes from an actual skunk. Anything it comes in contact with it can reek for days. This revulsion along with their long, sharp claws are the main reasons to avoid close proximity. Skunk removal is a common issue in Plano, TX. They tend to avoid humans directly, but are well adapted to urban lifestyles and can easily be found in and near residential homes, typically digging out burrows under home porches and sheds. These dens can sometimes get large enough to threaten a building’s foundations, another reason to call Omega Animal Removal at the first sign of a skunk infestation.

    Skunks are omnivorous and can wreak havoc on your garden, consuming anything from earthworms and grubs to grass, fungi and nuts. They also eat snakes, birds, moles and eggs. The divots common to skunk foraging are some of the most telling signs of a skunk infestation. They are solitary creatures when not breeding, and during the day they largely take shelter in their burrows. They do not hibernate fully during the winter, but can spend long periods of time hidden away in their dens. This can make it complicated to know how to get rid of a skunk in Plano.

    In addition to the obvious skunk deterrents, they are one of the largest significant carriers of rabies in the United States. Other diseases and parasites include leptospirosis, the intestinal roundworm baylisascaris columnaris, distemper, canine hepatitis, fleas, ticks, lice and mites, any of which can affect your pets, seriously if not fatally.

    Don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal, Plano's premiere skunk control experts in the Dallas area. Our four step process comes with an outstanding guarantee. Once taken care of, you will never have to worry about skunk infestation again. The first step is a home evaluation to determine where the animals are denning. This investigative process is performed by one of our Plano Skunk Removal Specialists and is followed by capture in the most humane and non-disruptive way possible. Our Specialist will then fill in any burrows by performing our particular exclusion services that keep skunks out of your property for good. Finally our Specialist will suggest measures to decentivize other skunks from taking up residence in other parts of the property.

  • Signs of a Skunk Problem

    Signs of a Skunk Problem

    Do not wait to call Omega Animal Removal if you recognize any of the following signs of a skunk problem:

    • Small conical divots in your yard and garden, torn open trash bags and empty pet bowls, all evidence of foraging
    • Burrows beside your home, shed, woodpile or piles of leaves
    • The smell of a skunk is undeniable and easily recognizable
    • Spotting a skunk with its black furry pelt and white stripes