• Need an Animal Removed From Your Plano Home? Call Us Today

    Need an Animal Removed From Your Plano Home? Call Us Today

    Based in Plano, TX, Omega Animal Removal offers natural solutions for your everyday problems related to any kind of wildlife. With extensive experience in removing wildlife from homes, we rely on the knowledge and expertise of our specialists using natural solutions for removing animals—and keeping them out. Apart from freeing your home from the invasion of wildlife, Omega Animal Removal takes care of all other issues that come with an animal infestation such as sealing entry points, repairing damages or decontaminating the area.

    Our company culture and philosophy have been built on years of expertise, successful results and recognition from the industry, and have and always will be at the service of our Plano residential clients. Our ability to put our clients' needs first makes Omega Animal Removal the leader in the animal removal industry in the area and enables us to offer all our customers the longest guarantees in the industry.

    When you contact our company and arrange a meeting with an Omega Animal Removal Wildlife Specialist, you will be convinced of our professionalism and knowledge in all animal removal matters. We'll provide a detailed overview of the process and how we will take care of your wildlife issues. The next step, and the most important one, if you want to keep wildlife out of your home for good, is finding all entry points in your house and on the roof. Since the roof is the place where most animals make their way into buildings, it needs to be thoroughly examined.

    Taking a look in your attic is the next point on our specialist’s list, and all damage, traces or nesting places need to be found. Once the problem is fully identified, the Omega specialist will sit down with you to formulate a customized plan to rid your home of wildlife once and for all.

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  • Common Wildlife Nuisances In Plano

    Common Wildlife Nuisances In Plano

    Omega Animal Removal takes care of all your wildlife problems by using top-of-the-line products, innovative techniques and outstanding customer service.

    Below are some of the most common animals we remove from residential areas in Plano:

    • Rats love to make homes for themselves in your attic and contaminate your food.
    • Squirrels live in your attic, feasting on wood or your electrical wires.
    • Snakes spend their time invading pools, yards or porches.
    • Opossums steal your pet’s food, live in your attic or crawl space and carry diseases.
    • Bats take shelter in your attic, can form large groups and spread diseases.
    • Raccoons live in your attic or chimney, raid your trashcans and steal food.
    • Coyotes cause damages to your gardens, hunt your pets and are a threat to public health and safety.
  • Omega's 4-Step Process Takes Care Of Your Problem—We Guarantee It

    Omega's 4-Step Process Takes Care Of Your Problem—We Guarantee It

    1. Our team of professionals will identify the intruder, then humanely capture and relocate the animals causing problems in your Plano home.
    2. Next, we'll perform an exclusion using only high-quality metal-based products and materials. Omega Animal Removal will also offer you a guarantee that is twice as long as other guarantees offered by our competitors. You can even benefit from a lifetime guarantee!
    3. After removing ALL animals from your property, our next step is to remove all debris, including feces, nesting places and urine, and conduct a full sanitization of the attic. Omega Animal Removal performs this process using only hospital-grade anti-microbial and anti-viral products, making your home safe and disease-free.
    4. We always work together with homeowners in order to find the perfect fit for each case, personalizing our solutions with the suggestions of our specialists and your needs in mind. Omega Animal Removal takes care of all the wildlife problems, returning your Plano home or business back to its rightful owners.
  • Why You Should Choose Omega Animal Removal

    Why You Should Choose Omega Animal Removal

    Wildlife in Plano is diverse, which is why problems can come from any type of animal and occur in any place in your home. From attics and chimneys to yards or pools, Omega Animal Removal has it covered. Animals like skunks, armadillos, moles, and pocket gophers can do quite a number on your yard or flower garden, but our specialists have solutions for such issues. After getting a good understanding of what the problem is by analyzing your yard or any other affected areas, our wildlife specialist will be ready to identify the animal and offer a custom-fitted solution. Once these steps are conducted, removing the nuisance is only a matter of time.

    Looking to recapture that lost feeling of tranquility in your own home? Omega Animal Removal and its team of professionals is the best in the business, and can guarantee you a carefree life, when it comes to wildlife problems.

    Contact Omega Animal Removal and arrange a meeting with one of our Wildlife Specialists for your Plano, TX, home or place of business right now!