• Full Residential Exclusions for Plano Homes and Properties

    Full Residential Exclusions for Plano Homes and Properties

    Your home has a copious number of possible entry points that are used by animals to enter and destroy your home. A full home exclusion will close all those entry points and eliminate the possibility of your home being invaded again. For an exclusion to have stellar results, it takes more than locating the entry points.

    Roof rats will always find a way to get back into your house, and cause even more damage than the first time, which is why a full inspection is mandatory. This inspection is the main thing on our Rodent Control Specialist’s mind when investigating the premises.

    Here are a few of the more common animals that you could be dealing with in your home or commercial building:

    • Rats and rodents
    • Opossums
    • Bats
    • Raccoons
    • Bees
    • Squirrels

    For a Rodent Control Specialist to master home exclusion procedures and offer you the best of services, full comprehension of the rat’s nature and demeanor is essential. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of this aspect when choosing the company that will perform your exclusion. And it is this very aspect that makes Omega Animal Removal stand out from all other animal control companies in the business. Our team members are trained professionals that have a thorough grasp of what truly defines an outstanding exclusion.

    Unlike most of the other companies in the industry, we make it our business not only to take care of the matter at hand, but also to prevent future invasions by securing all possible entry points into your home. If you take a closer look at the services offered by other companies, you will see that they will not provide you with a guarantee that goes beyond a few months or one year. This situation occurs solely because their knowledge about full home exclusions is not the best in the business. Fortunately for your safety and comfort, Omega Animal Removal is aware of all possible scenarios.

    before an exclusion
    Damage Before An Exclusion
    after an exclusion
    Repair After An Exclusion
    An example of a very bad exclusion job
    This is what our competition thinks exclusion is
  • Exclusion Services in Plano

    Exclusion Services in Plano

    As you probably know, spray foam is one of the most common materials used when it comes to performing an exclusion work on your home. The spray foam can be an excellent sealer for other jobs, such as securing pipe gaps or windows, but unfortunately, in the case of a rodent invasion, it will not be of any help.

    No matter the culprits, the materials used by Omega Animal Removal cannot, and will not be destroyed by chewing. Whether you have a raccoon, rat, opossum, or squirrel problem, our metal-based repairs will remain uncompromised. Due to the fact that your home is also exposed to the elements, our specialists use weatherproof outdoor sealants to make sure the job withstands the test of time. Omega Animal Removal’s exclusion procedure will last you a lifetime—and we guarantee it.

    Your home is a reflection of you, and so is all the work you put into buying it and converting your house into a home. Our Rodent Control Specialists treat every client's home with the utmost professionalism. Instead of leaving you to clean up the mess, like most of our competitors do, we will ensure that affected areas will match the existing color of your home.

    Although it might not seem that important in the heat of the moment, once all rodents are excluded from your home, you will be thankful that we made it look like it never happened. Our team of trained professionals will show before-and-after photos of the premises to you, so that you and your family members fully understand how we perform exclusion works.

    Fixing damage done by a raccoon
    Raccoon damage