Dead Animal Removal in Plano, TX

  • Don't Let That Dead Animal Fester. We'll Remove It.

    Don't Let That Dead Animal Fester. We'll Remove It.

    It can be shocking and disturbing to come across a dead animal, although few things are worse than the sinking feeling that there is a hidden carcass somewhere in your home while the stench worsens slowly over time. Whether you suspect an opossum, rodent, raccoon, bat or squirrel has become trapped in your walls or attic, Omega Animal Removal in Plano is fully equipped to handle any animal removal problem.

    Our Plano Animal Removal Specialists combine the latest technology with their superior tracking skills to locate the creature. This can often be done by searching for where the odor is strongest and drilling a small hole in the drywall. Then, with a tool called a snake camera, the Animal Removal Specialist can search virtually for the exact location. Animals are usually found in the attic, walls or crawlspace particular to homes with a pier and beam foundation.

    Plano Animal Removal
  • ​Signs of a Dead Animal in Your Home

    ​Signs of a Dead Animal in Your Home

    Call Omega Animal Removal immediately if you recognize the following indicators:

    • A rank, musty smell that worsens steadily
    • Noises in the attic or walls could be an indication of a greater infestation or of other critters feeding on the decomposing body
  • Omega Animal Removal Specializes in Dead Animal Removal

    Omega Animal Removal Specializes in Dead Animal Removal

    Once our Animal Removal Specialist pinpoints the location and species of the dead animal, he or she will remove and decontaminate the entire area. While removal, cleaning and decontamination are very important, Omega Animal Removal takes the process one step further, making sure that the dead animal is not a symptom of a greater infestation.

    Our Animal Removal Specialist will examine your home from the eaves to the foundations looking for potential points of entry and telltale signs of animal infestation. Omega in Plano is the most trusted name in the animal control industry and our Specialists provide thorough evaluation to make sure you do not have to worry about repeated animal issues. We will perform our exemplary exclusion process to seal any points of entry we find, sometimes as small as a hairline crack.

    It is inefficient to remove the evidence of an animal control problem without making sure the root of the problem is also taken care of. You can read more about Omega Animal Removal’s three-step process for permanent animal control solutions on our Rodent Control Page.