Coyote Removal and Control in Plano, TX

  • Coyote Removal and Control in Plano, TX

    Coyote Removal and Control in Plano, TX

    Coyotes are a highly common relative to the gray wolf, though much more prevalent in Plano, TX. Their increasing numbers are a direct result of coyote flexibility in the face of rapid human expansion into the wilderness. This makes knowing how to get rid of a coyote problem in Plano, one of the most important recent animal control issues in the area. This versatility on the nature of coyotes is made evident in all elements of their lifestyle from their diet and habitat, to adaptability in control techniques. Coyotes are undeterred by human activity, though they actively avoid them.

    Coyote adaptability extends into social circles, composed as easily of nuclear families as unrelated partners. It is legal to hunt them, and non lethal techniques tend to become useless as they quickly adapt to frightening lights and noises. Coyotes are also active both during the daylight and nighttime, though they are seen more frequently around and after sunset. Their rapidly increasing population has had a major dwindling effect on the populations of local deer, as coyotes will kill fawns before they have a chance to age appropriately.

    Coyotes also kill and eat dogs, cats, sheep, chickens and other small animals. They are aggressively threatening to children and pets, and are an indirect threat as one of the highest carriers of diseases and parasites, injuries, porting rabies, canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis and papillomatosis. As carnivores, coyotes are also a significant culprit of tick infestations. Direct attacks on humans are uncommon, but have been known to occur with increasing frequency in urban areas including Plano. Omega Animal Removal in Plano has been monitoring the issue of coyote control for years and is well suited in the permanent removal of coyotes from urban areas in the most effective and humane manner possible. Don’t hesitate if you suspect you are the victim of a coyote problem. Our Coyote Removal Specialists are experts in trapping coyotes and cleaning their messes in Plano and the surrounding areas.

  • Signs of a Coyote Infestation

    Signs of a Coyote Infestation

    Don’t wait to call Omega Animal Removal if you experience any of the following signs of coyote problem:

    • Howling in proximity to your home or business
    • Tracks about the length and slightly more slender than a medium sized dog
    • Spotting a coyote near your home or office