• Bees Buzzing Around Your Plano Home or Business? We Can Help

    Bees Buzzing Around Your Plano Home or Business? We Can Help

    With the development of urban areas around Plano, the problem of wildlife invasion into the private home of the city’s residents has become more and more severe. And even though in the case of bees, the threats are not so poignant as with other wildlife species, that does not mean that bee invasions cannot cause damages or raise health concerns for the humans and animals that come in contact with a bee swarm or colony. Because most people are not trained to tell apart different types of bees, there is a common misconception among Plano’s residents that involves bees and wasps. Often enough, bees are mistaken by wasps, are people attempt to remove them from their home with wasps-related merchandise, such as the “wasp-sprays” that you can find in most of the stores, but that lacks the necessary properties for taking care of a bee invasion. Bees and wasps not only behave differently, but also have different toxins in their sting, triggering dissimilar allergic reaction in people or pets. For a bee removal and control process to be successful, it has to be conducted by a Bee Specialist that has all the competencies for dealing with these particular insects. Omega Animal Removal in Plano has a team of professionals ready to intervene whenever and wherever it is needed for bee removal jobs.

  • Bee Removal and Control close to Your Plano, TX, Homes

    Bee Removal and Control close to Your Plano, TX, Homes

    The first question for any home owner or office-building manager to consider when facing a bee problem is whether or not the species is dangerous. Honeybees are important to the universal ecosystem and often endangered, so removal must be conducted with the utmost care. People often confuse bees for wasps, or assume the method for removing them is the same, and so attempt to rid themselves of the problem with a handy store-bought “wasp-spray.” This is completely ineffective on bee species and dangerous for the resident. It is important to call an Omega Animal Removal Specialist before attempting to solve the problem on your own.

    Bumblebees and honeybees are both highly social and interdependent creatures with an average lifespan of six weeks. Some breeds can be more threatening than others and it is up to an animal professional to determine which are which. The Africanized honeybee is more threatening than other species as they are known for a patterned attack approach and a particularly aggressive temperament. While the venom of an Africanized honeybee is similar to that of a domesticated honeybee, the former tends to attack in large numbers and will travel longer distances to follow a victim.

    The overpopulation of a bee colony as well as seasonal changes can significantly contribute to bee swarming, which refers to relocation of the hive. Several worker bees and the queen conduct the initial reconnaissance mission in search of the ideal location for the new colony. They gather at a resting site, usually a tree or corner of a building, meaning your residence or office may only be infested temporarily as scouts are sent out to find a new location. This change of homing site typically occurs during a weather or season shift.

    Omega Animal Removal’s bee specialists have studied the behavior and patterns of all bee species and are expert at determining the longevity of the infestation, the breed and the best method for removal. We employ state of the art products and equipment for innovative and effective bee removal. This typically requires removing the entire hive. Omega Animal Removal has a guaranteed four-step process that begins with consultation and removal followed by decontamination and exclusion, meaning we repair all damage to the property while taking the appropriate measures to ensure the problem does not resurface.

  • Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Signs of a Bee Infestation

    The following circumstances may indicate a bee infestation:

    • Groups of three or more bees hovering around your roofline or building walls
    • An increase in bees swarming around your flower beds or garden
    • Buildup of waxy brown material on the side of your home or office building
  • Bee Removal and Control Near Plano, TX

    Bee Removal and Control Near Plano, TX

    Honeybees are important for the world’s ecosystem, but this is not necessarily true for bees residing in urban homes and offices. These small insects can create huge problems for homeowners and businesses, costing thousands of dollars in damage and health risks for your family and customers. It is near impossible to recognize a dangerous breed of bee from a relatively harmless one. European Honeybees for example are fairly unthreatening, but regardless of the species the presence of a swarm of bees is frightening for children and pets. Contact your local Omega Animal Removal Bee Specialist directly when you suspect you are in need of bee removal and control services in your Plano, TX, home or office.

    Our Bee Specialists have an intimate knowledge of bee species and behavior patterns. This in depth understanding matched with superior and innovative equipment precludes the necessity of you getting too close to the hive and provoking an organized attack on your or your family. Don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal at the first sign of an infestation problem.

  • Removing Bee Swarms in Plano

    Removing Bee Swarms in Plano

    Bee swarming is the process of relocation that happens when a health, thriving hive has an overly large population of bees. Weak colonies, subject to disease or the fall of their queen, are less likely to relocate. Overpopulation typically occurs when the hive is strongest and in the midst of a seasonal shift.

    The swarm is conducted by several worker bees and a queen who abandon the original colony in search of new territory. Bee swarms are either primary or secondary. Primary swarms are led by a queen and her protectors in the form of worker bees. Secondary swarms are driven by several virgin female bees, and therefore are typically about half the size of primary swarms. This initial phase of a relocation mission is much easier to remove than a post-swarm completed mission. Our Omega Animal Removal Specialists are adept at recognizing the difference and controlling your bee population with the appropriate equipment.

  • Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in California

    Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in California

    Full removal of bee hives is essential to rid yourself of a bee infestation problem. Our Bee Specialists are adept at clearing all remnants and pheromones left behind in the honeycomb which precludes the return of the bees or any attraction for a new swarm to set up camp. Eradicating or killing the bees living near your residence is an inefficient solution as new bees are drawn to ready made hives.

    This removal requires the appropriate tools along with a careful strategy based on the required understanding of bee behavior patterns. The removal of a hive from your property may include tearing down soffits, decking or walls where the bees have built their hives. This is a complicated procedure, so be sure to call Omega Animal Removal for a full evaluation and procedure by our Bee Specialists.