Bat Removal and Control in Plano, TX

  • Get the Basics About Bat Removal in Plano

    Get the Basics About Bat Removal in Plano

    Occasionally referred to as flying rodents, bats have almost as much variety of species as rodents do. They are the only mammals that can fly, and as such are essential to the world’s ecosystem through combined pollination and consumption of mosquitoes and other insects. It is not unheard of for homeowners to attempt to attract bats to live on their property by installing bat houses to keep them out of the attic, yet still in the vicinity as a method for insect and pest population control.

    Once bats have moved in, however, they can destroy your building’s structure and cover your attic with guano (bat feces), which is messy, toxic and acts as a welcome mat for a variety of pest infestations. Attics are man made structures that best resemble the caverns and mining shafts typically used by bats for roosting in the past. Bats live in both social colonies and on a social basis. When a bat moves into your attic or crawlspace, it is typically as a collective maternity colony, which are family roosting groups established by the pregnant females. These females find their preferred nesting location before inviting the rest of the group to join them.

    Bat infestations must comply with the extensive bat protection laws throughout California. Omega Animal Removal is dedicated to all natural methods of removal, but managing bat infestations is complicated. It is important to be very meticulous and attentive to the habits of the population you are attempting to remove. It is near impossible for people to handle the problem themselves without a professional removal service. An opening smaller than an inch is large enough for a bat to squeeze through, and because they feed at night and sleep during the day it can be years before residents recognize that they have a problem. Bat infestations frequently require dual inspection for the control Specialist to locate the exit point at dusk when the bats are exiting the premises. It’s important to close all small openings as bats can find their way into your home by following the currents of cool air that escape from your air conditioning system.

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  • Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Bats aren’t hazardous for humans in themselves, but once they make a home of your attic, it is near impossible to remove them without an animal control professional. Here are the signs to look for:

    • Bats flitting around your roofline and home around dusk and/or dawn
    • Guano in your attic, usually about twice the size of mouse or rat droppings
    • Squeaking or fluttering noises coming from your attic and walls
  • Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    Bats are extremely sheltered by state laws across the United States, so removing them is highly complicated and must comply with a series of protection laws. It is unlawful to use any chemicals or repellents on them, and as a company versed in natural methods of removal, Omega Animal Removal is fully equipped to handle this problem in the way safest for both your family and the bat colony.

    It is illegal to remove bats between the months of May and August as the younger bats are unable to fly for several months and would die without their mothers’ support. Regardless of California state laws, an attic full of deceased baby bats is much worse than having a colony flitting in and out of your home in the morning and evening. This would likely cause a dual infestation of ectoparasites (parasites residing outside their host) causing severe health risks for you and your family.

    Bats hibernate from about November to spring, but can occasionally enter your home during hibernation. Originally, scientists thought that bats enter caves and mines for the totality of the hibernation period, but they have since concluded that many bats prefer buildings where the temperature stays consistently above 45 degrees. Bats living within attics that are unheated will often migrate down the walls and can sometimes find their way to your basement. It is not unheard of for them to enter your home during the winter. Call for an Omega Animal Removal Specialist to inspect your Plano, TX, home once the spring starts to make an appearance.

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  • Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal & Decontamination in Plano, TX

    Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal & Decontamination in Plano, TX

    Exclusion of bat populations is highly complicated and requires a thorough inspection and removal process. Our Omega Animal Removal professionals have an intimate understanding of bat behavior and lifestyle patterns as well as intricate knowledge of state and federal legal requirements. We use only the highest quality metal-based products for our exclusion procedures, which we then match to the exact color of your house. We also use premium-level weather-resistant sealants for the smaller gaps that bats may be able to use as an entranceway into your Plano home.

    When bats are residing within your home, you will find a huge collection of guano littering the floor. Prolonged exposure to bat droppings raises health concerns for humans as they contain toxins that, once released, magnify in intensity as they start to decompose. Ammonia is the most common problem with bat guano, and the smell can linger for years. It requires a professional to rid your house of the stains, damage and smells associated with bat infestations.

    In any case, a full attic restoration is mandatory to remove health related risks. Omega Animal Removal has a team of Attic Restoration Specialists dedicated to the removal of contaminated insulation, decontaminating and sanitizing the entire attic space as well as replacing the insulation. Omega Insulation Services, a sister company of Omega Animal Removal addresses any and all energy-efficiency issues you might require once the inspection has taken place.