• Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Orlando Attic

    Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Orlando Attic

    You work hard to provide a roof of you and your family's head. And you're not obligated to share it with any uninvited creatures trying to inhabit your attic. If you suspect a wild animal has moved into your attic, it's time for you to call Omega Animal Removal. You might be hearing the screeching and chirping of rats and mice. Or the loud thuds of raccoons and opossums. The bats will make thumping noises that claim your peace in the middle of the night. Don't let them invade your home and take away precious nights' sleep.

    As soon as you hear any of these noises in the attic of your home in Orlando, no doubt you are in for a much bigger problem. In addition to claiming your sleep, the nuisance animals are also health threats, and it could require costly medical attention in the long run. The noises in the attic may disrupt the sleep patterns of not only you but the people you care for as well. Orlando is home to numerous nuisance animals including mice, rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons and opossums. As soon as you spot any of these animals in your apartment, home or around your residence, you need to call Omega Animal Removal immediately to get rid of them and help prevent any more damage they are likely to cause.

    Noises In Your Attic Can Make It Impossible To SleepRaccoon In an Attic
  • Signs of a Wildlife Infestation in Your Attic

    Signs of a Wildlife Infestation in Your Attic

    You shouldn't be sharing your home with any uninvited furry, four-legging critters. If you've become aware of any of the following, call one of our Wildlife Specialists to remedy the situation:

    • Feces, odors and urine stains
    • Trails and tracks around your property
    • Nesting sites, damage and debris in your attic
    • Scratching, squeaking and scampering coming from above your celling
  • Most Common Wildlife Entering Your Florida Attic

    Most Common Wildlife Entering Your Florida Attic


    Rats are small and may appear as a little threat, but if you see one, chances are, there are more lurking in your home. The truth is that these animals multiply rapidly and in a short time a large colony can inflict an immense amount of damage. Small holes give rats easy access to your residence, and they often do a pretty good job of keeping themselves hidden. If you see a rat or traces of rat dropping in or around your home, call Omega Animal Removal as soon as possible.


    Squirrels are another nuisance species that can be found in your home. Often times, squirrels will opt for a cozy attic over a tree—especially if you give them an easy entry. When they build a nest in your attic, they're also destroying property. These animals are notorious for chewing through anything—cables, wood, ductwork and wires are all susceptible to squirrel damage. Only Squirrel Specialists from Omega Animal Removal are capable of giving you true relief from these animals by preventing their return and subsequently further damaging your home.


    With raccoons, you can be assured your sleep will be interrupted. They are the biggest among the attic invader animals and usually make the loudest racket. Even the stamping sounds they make when they walk are loud enough to keep you awake, and they're a danger to your heath. Their feces can cause serious ailments in people. Call Omega Animal Removal immediately if you suspect a raccoon in your attic. We will not only help remove them but clean the filth they leave behind as well.


    Opossums are common culprits for making themselves at home in your attic. They are smaller than raccoons, but considerably louder than mice and rats. Opossums also pose a great health danger to humans as it is a common carrier of fleas, mites and parasites. If you come across this noisy animal in your home, do not hesitate to Omega Animal Removal.

  • Wildlife Management Services in Orlando

    Wildlife Management Services in Orlando

    Omega Animal Removal will help you remove any wild animal that's making noises in your attic. Some animals can be removed by simply laying live traps that capture them humanely. The traps may be placed in the attic, on your roof or the surrounding perimeter of your home down on the ground. Omega Animal Removal may also use single-way valves often installed directly on your attic main entry point. This allows the animals a place to exit when they leave to go out in search of water and food but will not be able to reenter again.

    Not all animal infestations are alike, and neither is our plan for extracting animals and repairing damages. Our methods often vary from one home to another. Similarly our techniques differ with the animal species we're dealing with. We stay current with all local, state and federal wildlife laws and policies to ensure the measures we take are in compliance.

    Omega Animal Removal in Orlando provides you and your family the ultimate protection from the potential health problems associated with these sorts wildlife taking up residence in your attic. Beware, if left to roam with freedom, the animals inhabiting the attic are likely to cause serious damage to the electric wiring system of your residence as well as to other structural beam materials. The mice and rats may often gnaw the plastic and other materials and are likely to destroy the electric cables. This could cause dangers to your family since exposed electrical wires are dangerous. The surest way to protect yourself and your family from nuisance animals is by having Omega Animal Removal ward off or relocate the animals from your residence.