• Omega Animal Removal in Orlando Will Get Your Rodent Control Issue Under Control

    Omega Animal Removal in Orlando Will Get Your Rodent Control Issue Under Control

    Omega Animal Removal specializes in rodent and rat control in Orlando, Florida, and the greater Orlando area. For decades, we have studied rat infestations and have developed our rodent control techniques based on extensive research and experience. Through our humane efforts to control rodents and rats inhabiting homes and businesses, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to eliminate your rodent problem and provide a lifetime fix so that it can’t happen again.

    With the construction of new homes and businesses in Orlando, rats are increasingly moving into people’s homes and nesting in their attics. Rats are not a socioeconomic problem. Rats can get into any home that provides them with the food and shelter they need to live and reproduce.

    That’s why Omega Animal Removal has developed a permanent solution to eliminate rats and rodents from your home. Throwing rat poison in your attic is not only dangerous for you and your family to have in your home, but it doesn’t eliminate the root cause of the problem, which is rats have found an entry into your home that needs to be permanently fixed so that no more rats can find their way inside.

    Rats find a way into your home where they build nests and reproduce. They urinate and drop their feces everywhere they walk, which spreads pheromones that work like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for other rats to lead them to your home. Using this scent trail, other rats find their way into your home, and the cycle continues.

    Omega specializes in Rodent control & removal
    Rats Chewed Straight Threw This Ethernet Cable
    Rats Chewed Straight Threw This Ethernet Cable
  • Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Don’t wait to call Omega Animal Removal if you recognize any of the following signals:

    • Chirping, scratching or chewing noises at night
    • Droppings about the size of a pen point
    • Urine patches in cupboards and around food cartons
    • Nibble marks on cardboard or holes in food boxes
    • Dead rodents
    Rodent Entry Hole
    Rodents can easily chew into your attic
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Rodent Removal

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help With Rodent Removal

    Omega Animal Removal permanent solution includes a Lifetime Guarantee that you won’t have unwanted rat and rodent infestation again as long as you live in your home. Other companies may offer a guarantee, but it’s usually just a year, not a lifetime. Only with Omega Animal Removal’s services can you be assured that your rat problem will be eliminated permanently.

    Our 4-step process is renown in the animal control industry and guaranteed to work.

    1. Our Rodent Specialist begins by discussing with you what you’ve been experiencing, including sounds and any odors, after which he will inspect your attic and/or crawlspace to determine what type of animal is present and how large the population might be.
    2. We then use humane traps inside to capture the rats as they come and go outside your home in places of entry and exit. We capture all animals in about a week’s time with our Rodent Specialist coming out every few days to check traps.
    3. After we have captured the animals, our Rodent Specialist will begin to repair and fill any entry points into your house in the attic or crawlspace. Exclusion is the most important part in everything we do, and we patch holes with the highest-grade aluminum products that are painted to match your home’s exterior colors. Steel mesh will be used on all of your vents to prevent rodents from getting in without being noticeable from the outside of your home. We seal everything with either screws or a high quality, weatherproof adhesive. You won’t be able to see our repairs from the ground, and everything is highly durable and meant to blend in with the look and colors of your home, while still being a permanent fix to your rodent control problem.
    4. After eliminating and excluding all rodents, our Rodent Specialist works to repair any damage done in your attic or crawlspace, making sure that electrical and structural issues are fixed. He then uses a high-tech system of anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial solutions that are engineered specifically to decontaminate and disinfect your attic or crawlspace.

    What makes our solution cutting edge, is a sanitization technology that actually atomizes our solution into a fog or vapor that penetrates even the hardest to reach places like insulation. Omega Animal Removal is the only business in the industry to use this advanced technology. Don’t wait to call Omega Animal Removal for your Orlando, Florida rodent control problem.