• Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    In removing wildlife infestations, Omega Animal Removal often deals with species that multiply their numbers rapidly and are adapted to begin reproducing up to a few months after birth. This is why managing populations is another essential element within the animal control industry. Any single animal can cause a ruckus within the home, but once you are dealing with rats or mice, for example, their destructive nature increases exponentially over time.

    We are dedicated to regulating the number of animals in question throughout your neighborhood while maintaining a trained eye on the spikes in population throughout the city of Orlando. Once you have a few rodents in your area, they use typical scent tactics to attract others to the neighborhood. They are social creatures and tend to settle in colonies, often drawn by the pheromones found in the urine and feces of other rats and mice. They are also highly territorial, so it’s typically best to avoid letting the population get out of hand in the first place. Once they enter your home, it is almost impossible to keep them out without the proper procedures and exclusion tactics.

    Omega Animal Removal uses natural deterrents to keep other animals such as skunks and armadillos out of your garden. These methods are highly effective and keep them from destroying your garden and foraging under your building foundation. The use of completely natural methods of curbing populations and managing rodents is unique in the Orlando, Florida animal control business and we pride ourselves on a comprehensive method that works on a permanent basis.

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  • Signs of a Population Control Problem

    Signs of a Population Control Problem

    • Tracks about the size of a small dog or cat in your yard or lawn
    • Thumping, scrabbling or squeaking noises in the attic, particularly at night
    • Fecal matter ranging in size from a pen point to that of a small dog
    • Rank or musty smells in your house that increase over time
    • Urine patches in the attic or cupboards
    • Holes, divots or mounds of dirt throughout your lawn
    • Trails of unearthed sod snaking through your garden
  • Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Our Rodent Specialists use rodenticide kept inside of a locked animal bait unit that ensures the poison is nontransferable and completely inaccessible to children and pets. We do not use poison in other circumstances for controlling animal populations or in barring rodents from getting into your attic space.

    The rodent bait stations used by our professionals are maintained on a monthly basis to guarantee optimum cleanliness. Following a rodent control problem, your home will be exhaustively checked each month for any chewing or damage and for any indications that the rodents are have tried to find access into your home again. Our exhaustive methods come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Call Omega Animal Removal for an appointment with the most effective and cost-efficient company in the animal control industry.