• Does Your Orlando Home Need Our Exclusion Services?

    Does Your Orlando Home Need Our Exclusion Services?

    If wild animals have found their way into your home, let Omega Animal Removal help you get them out, and keep them out. With a full home exclusion, you can take back your Orlando home. Typically wild animals like to make their homes in your attic. The exclusion process involves blocking and sealing off all known entry points the rodents or other animals have been using to enter. Even though many of our competitors claim to how to effective remove pests, only Omega Animal Removal has the most experienced Rodent Control Specialists in the area.

    These are most common animals that require a full home exclusion in Orlando:

    • Rats and rodents
    • Opossums
    • Bats
    • Raccoons
    • Bees
    • Squirrels

    Identifying entry points is tedious and extremely demanding work, but we don't mind. It requires an intricate understanding of the animals’ behavior and a keen discernment of rodents' tendencies. Omega Animal Removal has Rodent Control Specialists ready to help. Through years of experience and specialized training, our crew has gained a unique understanding exclusions fully entail, which our competitors often fall short, and are unable to offer you a guarantee lasting anywhere longer than a year. We're so confident in the work we do, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee that rodents won't return.

    before an exclusion
    Damage Before An Exclusion
    after an exclusion
    Repair After An Exclusion
  • Exclusion Services in Orlando

    Exclusion Services in Orlando

    Many of our competitors think and effective home exclusion involves the use of spray foam, and that's good enough to keep rodents out. Unfortunately spray foam is soft enough for rats and squirrels to chew through and regain entry to your attic. Upon reentry, you'll have to have another exclusion performed, costing you double the money.

    Omega Animal Removal Company forgoes using spray foam to keep critters out and instead uses metal to seal the holes for go. It's impossible for animals to penetrate the metal-based sealing we use, and they'll last the lifetime of your home.

    Our Rodent Control Specialists understand the value of a job well done, and we want to leave your home better than when we found it. We even go so far as to match the exterior design and color to make sure our exclusion seamlessly blend in. Omega Animal Removal will never compromise the look of your property and we the materials we use to seal off the rodent entry points are perfectly painted to retain the look and feel of the original exterior. This way the sealing work done on your roof will blend with the color of your home and be unnoticeable, in addition to being visually appealing.

    Omega Animal Removal does the job right the first time. We guarantee it.

    Fixing damage done by a raccoon
    Raccoon damage