Bat Removal and Bat Control in Orlando, Florida

  • Get the Basics About Bat Removal in Orlando

    Get the Basics About Bat Removal in Orlando

    Bats are commonly seen as frightening, flying rodents, but they actually share neither behavior nor bloodlines. The only thing they have in common with rodents is a greatest number of species in the genus, around 1000, of all other mammals. They are ubiquitous throughout Orlando, Florida. State and federal laws heavily protect bats, and removing them can be complicated. Bats are seen as ecologically beneficial animals, pollinating flowers and feeding on mosquitoes and other noxious insects. Some tropical flower species actually depend upon bats for survival.

    One way of deterring bats from making their home in your attic is to install a bat home on your property. Many people throughout Florida have done so, gaining natural mosquito and pest control in the process. Once the bats have made the decision to invade your attic as their roosting space it is both involved and sometimes illegal to remove them without the help of a professional. They can enter through a hole smaller than an inch in nearly invisible places along your roofline and, once settled, begin to blanket your attic with guano (bat feces). Bats are nocturnal and flit away almost silently in the evenings to feed before returning at dawn to sleep all day. It is sometimes possible to go years without being aware of a bat infestation. They prefer quiet, dark and dry spaces.

    Omega Animal Removal is uniquely situated to deal with bats in the attic. We provide full removal services which combines in-depth knowledge of bat behavior and a nuanced comprehension of the legalities surrounding their removal. Call Omega Animal Removal for an evaluation if you suspect bats may have entered your home.

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  • Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Signs of a Bat Infestation

    • An increase in the number of bats flying around your home perimeter, typically around dawn or dusk
    • Guano, or bat feces, is generally about twice the size of rodent droppings and makes a dark stain on your wood
    • Fluttering or squeaking noises coming from the ceiling or walls
  • Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    As bats have fewer suitable spaces in the wild for their maternity colonies to roost or hibernate, they are increasingly entering urban and residential homes in Orlando, Florida to survive. Bats do not chew or scratch their way inside of an attic to enter, unlike rats, raccoons and opossums. They use existent openings or gaps, which makes prevention easier if you have the tools to weatherproof seal all nooks and crannies effectively.

    Once a maternity colony has entered your home, however, it is time to call in the professionals, as the laws concerning the capture of bats are very strict. Our process begins with an inspection, sometimes taking two visits, in which we evaluate the extent of the problem and look to see where the bats are entering and exiting in the evenings. This is the first of our 4-step process:

    1. Evaluation
    2. Removal based on a comprehensive plan and in accordance with state and federal laws
    3. Exclusion, or sealing of all gaps with weather resistant metal-based products
    4. Decontamination and damage repair, including comprehensive cleaning of all guano, stains and smells

    For more detailed information on our methodology, please see below. Omega Animal Removal’s process is foolproof and guaranteed to last for your entire residence in that home or office.

  • Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal, & Decontamination in Orlando

    Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal, & Decontamination in Orlando

    Prevention of bat infestation through sealing your roofline and/or installing a bat house on your property is possible on a home improvement kick, but removing bats from your home requires a Bat Specialist. At Omega Animal Removal, we make sure your home has the top quality care that comes only from a Specialist trained in animal behavior and biology. As soon as a maternity colony takes up residence in your home, the guano starts to build up at a rapid pace. This is toxic for your health and that of your family, and the ammonia found in guano will create odor-related problems for your property. The smell can linger for years if the guano is not fully and properly removed. The bat droppings also tint the surfaces with which it comes in contact.

    Bats are not belligerent, and bat removal and control procedures should not be that difficult, but given their peculiar behavioral patterns, and the protection laws which need to be strictly followed, the bat exclusion jobs are usually tiresome and meticulous. It takes innovative technique, appropriate gear and high-quality products to make sure the job is successful.

    Omega Animal Removal only uses premium-grade materials when performing a bat exclusion job on your property. Omega Animal Removal has a sister company, Omega Insulation Services, which can tackle all your energy-efficiency requirements, regardless of the nature of your structure (home residence or office building). As soon as the attic has been methodically inspected, our specialists will discuss all their discoveries with you and come up with the best technique for bat removal, guano removal, decontamination and attic restoration.