• Don't Let Snakes Make Your Orange County Home Theirs—Remove Them

    Don't Let Snakes Make Your Orange County Home Theirs—Remove Them

    There are often close to 100 species of snakes living in the Southwest regions of the United States and the need for snake removal in Orange County, California is no exception. While venomous and nonvenomous snakes do have distinguishing features, they are often difficult to delineate for the untrained eye. This can make coming across a snake terrifying. The proximity required to tell the difference is dangerous in itself. The death rates among snake related incidents is very low in Orange County, California, but this doesn’t prevent people from needing to know how to get rid of snakes in the area, particularly when it is so difficult to determine whether the species is lethal or not. The most common poisonous snakes in the Orange County area are known as pit vipers, including rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and copperheads.

    It is more common to find snakes during the warmer months, often in parts of the home that have warm elements or machinery, such as garages, kitchens and exhaust vents. Snakes typically avoid human interaction and are quite skittish, slithering into the smallest of openings before you have a chance to notice their presence. Omega Animal Removal excels in finding and removing unwanted snakes from your home and property. Our four step process is guaranteed to work, not only for immediate reptile control, but with the lifetime warranty of a snake-free home.

    Omega Animal Removal will begin with a thorough investigation of your home to discover where the snakes are residing and what species we are dealing with. Omega then removes all snakes from the property. Next, we evaluate to determine all points of entry, a task suited to someone aware of how miniscule cracks and openings can be to allow for snake entry. We seal off all possible entry points to prevent any access points in the future. We then clean up any evidence of snake nesting and provide preventative techniques for you to help ensure your home stays snake free for years to come. Omega Animal Removal is so certain of the efficiency of our four step process that our business services come with an outstanding guarantee of a snake free home as long as you reside there.

  • Signs of a Snake Infestation

    Signs of a Snake Infestation

    Don’t wait to call Omega Animal Removal at the first indication of the following:

    • Old snakeskin lying around
    • Small baby snakes or eggs especially during the fall breeding season
    • If you spread flour or a non-toxic powder on the floor near warm appliances, you can detect slither marks if a snake passes through