• We're Your Skunk Removal Experts in Orange County

    We're Your Skunk Removal Experts in Orange County

    Skunks are black furry creatures with white stripes stretching along their backs and are as visually recognizable as the pungent odor they emit when frightened. This horrific scent along with their dangerously sharp claws are reason enough to avoid sudden encounters with these seemingly cuddly animals. Skunk removal in Orange County is a fairly common problem as these animals have adapted easily to urban life. They feed on anything from plants, trash, bugs, rodents, reptiles and pet food. Skunks will not hesitate to invade residential gardens and do not shy from digging dens next to homes and commercial buildings.

    The smell of skunk can linger in the air for hours after they spray an object or area. Residents often have trouble with how to get rid of a skunk or skunk smell. This is a typical sign of a skunk infestation and the main motivation for residents to call in a professional. There are other equally important reasons for calling Omega Animal Removal at the first sign of a skunk problem.

    Skunks are a significant carrier of rabies in the United States among other diseases and parasites ranging from leptospirosis and intestinal roundworm known as baylisascaris columnaris to distemper, canine hepatitis, fleas, ticks, lice and mites. They are not skittish of human proximity and therefore do not avoid urban areas. This makes them threatening to the health of your pets, occasionally leading to fatal illness.

    Do not hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal in Orange County, California to manage skunk control and populations in the proximity of your home or office. Our professional exclusion services seal off the dens and physically remove them from the area following an in-depth survey to locate the nest and number of offending creatures.

    Our specialist will also be sure to recommend measures to ensure skunks do not find your property attractive in the future. This could include anything from cleaning out brush, woodpiles and vegetation to preventative techniques that would eliminate the possibility of future dens. Once the skunks have been fully removed from your property, you will benefit from Omega Animal Removal’s Lifetime Guarantee, ensuring you never have to worry about skunk infestation as long as you live or reside in your home or business.

  • Signs of a Skunk Infestation

    Signs of a Skunk Infestation

    If you think you are suffering from a skunk problem, don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal directly:

    • Small conical holes in your garden, ripped trash bags and empty outdoor pet bowls can be the result of skunks foraging for food
    • Burrows in or near building foundations, woodpiles, hen houses or piles of leaves
    • Sighting of a skunk in or around your home or office
    • The musty, potent scent of a skunk is easily recognizable