• Bees Buzzing Around Your Orange County Home Or Business? We Can Help.

    Bees Buzzing Around Your Orange County Home Or Business? We Can Help.

    While bee populations across the world are in decline, infestations in homes and businesses are increasingly problematic. This is why it is important to ensure careful and permanent bee removal in Orange County. Bees are largely harmless unless aggravated, which happens more easily when constant proximity with people and pets interferes with the hive’s natural radius. Many business owners and residents are known to attempt removal on their own, but this is often problematic as bees are quite easily mistaken for wasps.

    Omega Animal Removal combines a superior knowledge of bee behavior, identification, removal and exclusion that makes our services the most sought after authority in bee removal in the Orange County area. We do not just rid you of the temporary issue, but make sure we prevent the problem from returning to plague you.

  • Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Signs of a Bee Infestation

    The following indications suggest you may have a bee infestation on your property:

    • Groups of three or more bees hovering around your roofline or walls
    • An increase in the number of bees swarming around your garden and flowers
    • Buildup of waxy brown material on your roofline or building corners
  • Removing Bee Swarms in Orange County

    Removing Bee Swarms in Orange County

    A swarm refers to the point at which a colony attempts to expand through relocation. A healthy bee colony will recognize the point at which it can no longer support its population and send scouts out to look for a new hive location. Weaker colonies are less likely to relocate. If you have noticed the beginnings of a hive near your home or office, it is possible this is a swarm that has set up shop on your property. These are not full functioning hives yet, and typically consist of several worker bees and a single queen bee who abandon the original colony to search for a new resting place.

    There are two types of honeybees most prevalent in Orange County. The first is the European Honeybee, which is relatively harmless compared to the Africanized Honeybee. This latter species is almost physically indistinguishable to the untrained eye. The hive radius is much larger, and the Africanized Honeybee engages in a sustained pattern of attack over a much longer distance than the European Honeybee. They are slightly smaller, but more vicious. Be sure to call an Omega Animal Removal Bee Control Specialist at the first sign of an infestation.

  • Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in Orange County

    Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in Orange County

    The most crucial element in honeybee removal includes removal of the bees’ pheromones left in the comb or waxy substance used to build the hive. New swarms are drawn to previous hive locations if they detect the slightest indication of a previous population, which is why you will require professional removal of honeybee hives for a permanent solution to your bee infestation. Omega Animal Removal is the industry leader in honeybee removal for two reasons. First we complete the job with the highest quality materials. Second, we stand by our work with such confidence, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee that the infestation remains permanently removed. Omega wants to help you avoid repeated calls to animal control services and provides a premium service for a permanent solution.