Bat Removal and Control in Orange County, California

  • Get the Basics About Bat Removal in Orange County

    Get the Basics About Bat Removal in Orange County

    Bats, the largest order of mammals in the world after the Rodent family, are essential parts of our ecosystem, contributing to insect and mosquito control, and also to the continuity of certain flower species. This makes them significant contributors to the agricultural industry, diminishing the need for pesticides. It is also because of the bats’ pest control tendency that some Orange County, California home and buildings owners place bat houses on their property, so that maternity colonies roost there and help control the population of harmful bugs and insects in the surrounding areas.

    It is when bats reside in attics or crawlspaces that they become a nuisance for Orange County, California residents. The accumulation of bat excrement, or guano, is harmful for the health of humans and pets. Bats are not aggressive animals, nor do they normally attack people. The root of most animosity towards bats comes from literature and mythology, where bats are depicted as evil creatures. Bats are in fact gentle and harmless, though they do have teeth with which they can bite human skin when disturbed. This is one among many reasons why it is best to not approach them without a Bat Specialist on hand. Contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you become aware of their presence.

    Bats would not occupy urban or residential areas if they still had old mine shafts or caves to use. Such spaces are unusual in Orange County, California these days, so the bats turn to man-made structures. The primary reason for which bats need to be removed from homes or buildings is bat guano. Guano causes an ammonia-related odor, and droppings that have been accumulated over a large period of time can trigger problematic health conditions.

    Because wild, quiet places for roosting are scarce, bats turn towards buildings, homes, churches or other structures in Orange County, California when it comes to roosting, setting up maternity colonies or hibernating. While most wildlife species chew or scratch their way inside of attics and crawlspaces, bats only use already present openings, cracks and gaps as entry points, which they find by following currents of cool air escaping from your air conditioned home. Because most bat species are small, they can make use of the smallest openings in order to enter your attic, openings that you might not even know existed. It can be years until a homeowner becomes aware of the presence of bats, especially since they are quiet, cautious, nocturnal creatures.

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  • Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Call Omega Animal removal directly if you recognize any of the following signs:

    • Bat or bats flitting around your roofline at dusk or dawn
    • Guano in the attic, about one inch long
    • Squeaking or chirping noises coming from your attic and walls
  • Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    When dealing with wildlife infestations, you need to have all the proper knowledge so that you can conduct successful removal and control operations. Bats are heavily protected by state and federal laws because they are so important for the world’s ecosystem. Knowing what prompts bats to occupy your Orange County, California attic, crawlspace or building is essential when it comes to understanding the bats’ demeanor and knowing how to behave around the animals.

    State and federal laws forbid you from killing bats or from using any chemicals on the animals. A Bat Control Specialist can assist you with removal, and inform you on all the legal aspects that need to be kept in mind when dealing with a bat infestation, in Orange County, California. Conducting bat removal and bat control procedures from May to August, for example, is not possible, because that is the time when baby bats are still developing. The bat babies will not be able to feed or survive on their own, nor can they fly without their mothers’ help. If you do conduct bat removal procedures in that time frame, you might end up enclosing baby bats inside of your attic or crawlspace, where they would die of starvation.

    From autumn to spring, the bat species that did not migrate to warmer locations hibernate, usually inside attics or crawlspaces. A lot of bats prefer to hibernate inside of man-made structures, as these offer a more stable temperature for their colonies than the few locations they could find in the wild. Contact Omega Animal Removal and let one of our skilled professionals deal with all your bat removal and bat control needs in Orange County.

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  • Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal & Decontamination in Orange County

    Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal & Decontamination in Orange County

    Omega Animal Removal utilizes only premium-level, metal-based materials for closing of all large openings, which we paint to match the exterior color of your house, so that the design of your home will not suffer aesthetically from the repairs and sealing. In the case of smaller openings, we use high-quality weather resistant products, assuring all home and building owners in Orange County, California, that no other bat colony will venture inside of your attic or crawlspace.

    When bat colonies are living in your crawlspace or attic, the bats leave behind massive quantities of guano, especially when you are not aware of their presence from early stages. Regular exposure to guano is a major health concern, due to the toxins released when the bats are defecating and when the droppings disintegrate. Ammonia is the biggest issue with guano and has a lingering odor, which will not be eliminated unless the entire space is properly decontaminated. Apart from the smell, guano can also tint any surface that it touches, causing home and building owners a lot of money in repairs and painting jobs for their Orange County, California house or building.

    When faced with bat infestation, chances are you will need a little bit more than mere removal and decontamination. When the insulation in your attic is contaminated by guano, you need to perform a full attic restoration. This will help you sanitize the air and make sure you have breathable and not contaminated oxygen circulating through your home. Omega Animal Removal has team of experienced Attic Restoration Specialists that will help you with removing all insulation, sanitizing and decontaminating the bare attic space, and blowing in new top quality insulation.

    Omega Animal Removal has a sister company, Omega Insulation Services, which can tackle all the energy-related requirements, as soon as a full inspection is conducted on your property. Together, our companies can ensure all Orange County, California homeowners that the bat removal, bat control, guano removal, decontamination and attic restoration services will be a success, and your home or building will regain its status as a safe environment to live or work in. All Omega services come with our unparalleled Lifetime Guarantee.