• Full Residential Exclusions for Miami Homes and Properties

    Full Residential Exclusions for Miami Homes and Properties

    Exclusion is the most essential step in wildlife control, as this is what keeps any new animals from coming and setting up shop in your home or office. Many infesting species lay trails for other colonies to come and take their place, leaving pheromones in urine patches and droppings that, even once cleaned away, show other rodents or squirrels how to find their way back into the space. This is why exclusion is so important. Our particular methods are backed by the most effective materials and ensure that your home stays animal free for as long as you continue to live or work in that space.

    Whether dealing with squirrels, rodents, opossums, bees, raccoons or bats, Omega Animal Removal takes care of you like no other wildlife control company. Not only are our Wildlife Specialists trained in animal behavior in order to most effectively trap and remove any species plaguing you, we also locate and close all entry points to make sure no other animals can bother you in the future.

    So assured are we of the permanent success of our process that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee, something unheard of in animal control services. Most other companies ensure their work for up to a year, knowing it takes a heavily meticulous hand to prevent animals from ever finding their way back indoors. We lend you that hand and make sure you never have to worry about a breach of your premises again.

  • Exclusion Services in Miami

    Exclusion Services in Miami

    Most animal wildlife control companies use spray foam to complete their hole exclusions. This material may work well for windows and pipe gaps, but it is an inefficient method for keeping rodents out of your attic. Rodents have sharp incisors that they keep filed down by chewing on any material, particularly those that give way easily to letting them back into your home with its ready-made shelter and food. Spray foam is completely inadequate in sealing entry points. When ineffective methods are used to exclude homes from repeated entry, the cost of going through another removal and decontamination is astronomical.

    Omega Animal Removal uses only metal based products that are guaranteed to be weatherproof and permanent. Our metal plates and wire mesh are no match even for the toughest front teeth of rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums or any other animals trying to chew their way into your home.

    Don’t hesitate to contact Omega Animal Removal for all of your animal removal services. We perform the complete service from the beginning to the final stages that leaves you resting in the ease and comfort of a wildlife-free home.