• Why It Is Important to Decontaminate Your Miami Attic

    Why It Is Important to Decontaminate Your Miami Attic

    Whenever you have suffered from wildlife taking over your attic and turning it into a shelter, nesting site or playground, it is essential to have a professional Attic Restoration Specialist decontaminate all spaces touched by the infestation as effectively as possible. Regardless of the species, your attic is likely to be littered with urine patches, droppings, pheromones and bacteria. These traces of the infestation are harmful for your health and that of your family. Histoplasmosis spores released from the feces of raccoons has led the Center for Disease Control to name them as the most dangerous animals to live in close proximity with humans. Pheromones left behind in the waste of rodent infestations lead other rat colonies directly to their previous nesting site.

    Omega Animal Removal is the fastest growing rodent and wildlife removal firm in the country, and we are dedicated to our sanitization and decontamination procedures, choosing the most efficient methods and materials for lasting results. Our services begin with basic cleaning in which our Decontamination Specialists remove any nesting sites, excrement and other traces of the infestation. We use a HEPA filter shop vacuum to remove any rodent or animal feces from the hard surfaces of your attic, including decking, HVAC handler and storage areas.

    We then treat the space to our luxury three phase fogging treatment designed to eliminate the effects of excrement and urine break down, eliminate all odors associated with waste and break down the pheromones attached to these traces, clearing your attic of all associated trails back into your home. This fogging system also eradicates all fleas, mites and insects that the animal(s) may have brought into your home.

    In the more extreme cases of nuisance wildlife removal, it can sometimes be necessary to remove and replace all contaminated insulation completely. In these cases, our Specialist with provide a full cost analysis and explanation of why our baseline attic treatment would be insufficient.

  • Let Omega Animal Removal Decontaminate Your Attic

    Let Omega Animal Removal Decontaminate Your Attic

    Having a sanitized attic is essential to keeping your home up to its inherent value. Our superior fogging method is guaranteed to remedy any biological traces of previous infestations whether from rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons or opossums.

    Treatment 1:

    The first treatment uses a strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial disinfectant. It permeates through the entire space that was exposed to the infestation as well as into porous insulation, neutralizing the particles that lead to disease and illness.

    Treatment 2:

    Our next step has to do with eliminating odors associated with animal infestations. We use a fresh sanitizer crafted particularly for this purpose, leaving you with clean, breathable air.

    Treatment 3:

    We may perform a third treatment in particularly intense cases. This phase kills populations of pests such as fleas and mites, acting as a growth-inhibitor for any eggs that might remain. This phase is particularly recommended for those who have suffered from a rat or opossum infestation.

    Our process comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, something unparalleled in the business of wildlife removal and decontamination. Don’t wait to give Omega Animal Removal a call for all your decontamination needs.