• We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in all of Miami

    We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in all of Miami

    There are some animal infestations that require full restoration of the attic and others that just demand a deep clean and sanitization. Raccoons, bats and opossums in the attic tend to lead to a full replacement of the insulation. Rodents are usually less problematic, requiring only our advanced fogging technique to remove all germs and fungus. Regardless of the infestation, full decontamination, cleaning and damage repair are inevitably necessary. Even once the pests are removed and the entry points have been sealed, your family is at risk of breathing harmful bacteria and spores that come from the urine, feces and nests left behind. Omega Animal Removal puts a lot of time and energy into proper attic restoration as the process is a delicate one and demands meticulous attention and care.

    In some cases the air conditioning ductwork can be ripped apart, chewed wires expose homes to house fires and tunneling through the insulation leads to airborne contamination that spreads throughout the home. A visit from a professional restoration specialist from the Miami, Florida industry leader in cleaning, sanitizing and decontaminating homes and office buildings will make your home’s interior better than new.

  • Let Omega Animal Removal Decontaminate Your Attic

    Let Omega Animal Removal Decontaminate Your Attic

    Our Attic Restoration Specialists in Miami are equipped with state of the art devices such as fogging sanitization that penetrates deeply into the insulation, air sealing fire block foam and an R-38 rated insulation blower. Standards for construction services change constantly and Omega Animal Removal works to keep up with the latest measures for the most efficiently dressed attic.

    When you hire Omega Animal Removal for your restoration services, one of our Specialists will remove all traces of your temporary and unwanted tenants. This includes anything from feces, urine, debris and nesting materials to a full replacement of insulation where necessary.

  • Why You Should Decontaminate Your Attic

    Why You Should Decontaminate Your Attic

    Improper cleaning practices in clearing up a wildlife infestation can lead to dangerous health risks for you and your family or coworkers. Omega Animal Removal makes sure that your home or office is fully decontaminated, which can sometimes mean replacing parts of your attic and removing insulation. We make sure that no animals are able to reenter your home following the restoration.

    Competing companies often use cellulose insulation loaded with boric acid because it is cheaper than fiberglass and deters bugs. This less effective method, however, does nothing to deter squirrels, rodents or other attic dwelling mammals who instead of being deterred by the acid soaked insulation, make their nest within it. We use the highest quality fiberglass insulation that settles into being about three inches thicker than the competitors’ and serves to drop energy costs within the home. In a short time the cost of the insulation is covered by heating and cooling savings as well as potential tax credits that come from running an energy-conscious home. Call Omega Animal Removal for the best in attic restoration services.