• Keep Wildlife Populations in Check in Los Angeles

    Keep Wildlife Populations in Check in Los Angeles

    Regardless of the species plaguing your Los Angeles, California home, be it of the garden variety, home infestation or both, Omega Animal Removal is the most adept population control company in the business. Our strategy and tools are all-natural and environmentally friendly, frequently based on a scientific knowledge of the animal’s behavior and patterns. We employ the highest trained specialists who have the most intricate experience and understanding of any particular wildlife. Omega Animal Removal has services ranging from trapping to sealing all cracks and crannies through which any creature might make their way into your home. We also perform full decontamination and damage repair services, leaving your residence better than new.

    If you suspect a wild animal is living in your home or office, it may be linked to an overpopulation problem in your area. Omega Animal Removal combines nuanced animal understanding with an up to date knowledge of local wildlife control issues, and we can easily identify the animal control problem you are facing. From armadillos carving out the space below your house foundation, an opossum making themselves comfortable in your attic or rats chewing through your electrical wires, we provide an in-depth understanding of the infestation and an all-natural method for safe removal. Call Omega Animal Removal to identify which species may be plaguing you, whether it’s a problem associated with rats, hogs, raccoons, bats or bees, we have the experience and knowledge to efficiently handle the situation in a rapid, cost-effective manner.

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  • Signs of a Population Control Problem

    Signs of a Population Control Problem

    • Tracks through your yard, about the size of a dog or large cat
    • Mounds of dirt across your lawn or next to your porch
    • Droppings any size from a pen point to that of a dog or cat
    • Rank or musty odors that become stronger over time
    • Urine patches in the attic, cupboard or crawlspaces
    • Holes or divots in your lawn or half eaten vegetables and plants from your garden
    • Overturned garbage bins or trash on your lawn and driveway
  • Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Any time you call an Omega Animal Removal Specialist you can be confident in our four step process, beginning with a consultation and ending with full home exclusion. Our Specialist will begin his or her examination of your home or office by thoroughly inspecting the exterior of the building both at the ground and roofline level, seeking out possible points of entry commonly found in the siding and eaves of Los Angeles homes and office buildings. We then inspect the interior spaces to identify the particular species plaguing you, searching through uncommon areas such as the attic, crawlspaces and the basement.

    Once we are certain of the species and the scope of the problem, our Animal Specialist will offer the most cost-efficient and fully effective solution to your population control issue. With the appropriate tools and technology, Omega Animal Removal immediately eliminates the animal(s) and follows up with full decontamination services including repair, insulation replacement and exclusion so the problem can never return to harass you. So confident are we in our method, our services come with a Lifetime Guarantee that is highly unique in the industry. You are in the best of hands with Omega Animal Removal, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at the first sign of a possible infestation.