• Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wild Animals Tearing Up Your Yard? We'll Put an End to It.

    Wildlife terrorizing your Houston, Texas property? During the warmer months, residents experience an influx of issues arising from damage caused by armadillos, snakes, moles, pocket gophers and other ground dwelling animals. Many of these animals spend their days sleeping underground and foraging through the night. In other words, most of the damage is being done when you can't see them. That is why it is important to have one of our Wildlife Specialists come out to your home to inspect your yard and property to determine the best way to stop the damage these animals are causing.

    If your Houston property is being damaged by nuisance wildlife, you may find damaged or dead patches of sod, large tunnel looking holes close to a structure, excavated dirt and debris in your yard, and/or snake skins on your property. Armadillos live in underground burrows and come out at night to dig and search for grubs and insects. These burrows will be very deep and include a distinct dug out tunnel shape typically directly against a home or structure of some sort. Moles can damage your lawns root system and eat the earthworms you want to keep around. Snakes can pose some serious issues as well. If any of these are issues that you come across, please contact us so that we can stop the damage and safely relocate the animals. Learn more about other Common Signs Of Wildlife Damaging Your Property.

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  • Common Property Damaging Wildlife in Houston

    Common Property Damaging Wildlife in Houston

    • Armadillos Armadillos are common in Houston and are often the cause of damage to your yard. Armadillos tend to burrow against solid structures and can cause damage to the foundation of your home. Armadillos will also forage through your sod and tear it to shreds digging for grubs and insects.
    • Snakes Houston, Texas is home to hundreds of different species of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous, which is why any snake you encounter should be left alone. Snakes are not generally going to cause much damage to your property, but the venomous ones can possibly harm you or your family.
    • Nutrias Nutrias are also very common in the South Houston area. They are a member of the rodent family and generally live around bodies of water. The damage that nutrias causes to your property is done when they dig through the ground in an attempt to find grubs and insects. Generally nutrias are not as much of scavengers as most rodents and are fairly easy to relocate.

    While there are many other types of animals that can damage your property these are the three most common ones we deal with in Houston. Pocket gophers, moles, and iguanas are also very common and should be addressed if they become an issue. Please give us a call if you suspect animals are damaging your property so we can humanely relocate them as needed and help you get your yard—and life—back to normal.

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