• Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Houston Attic

    Don't Let Animals Make Their Home in your Houston Attic

    Nature is a beautiful thing, but there is a healthy division between the outer world and your residential sanctuary. It’s called the walls and roof of your home. Unfortunately, many of the wild animals such as squirrels that we find cute and furry can find their way into your personal space, wreaking havoc on your interior structure and destroying wiring, insulation and wood beams. Whether it’s an opossum lodging alone quietly rearranging dead leaves and debris into the corners of your attic, rodents chewing through storage, squirrels nesting, bat colonies roosting or raccoons scavenging for food, noises from your attic are the most direct indication of wildlife making your home their hotel.

    Omega Animal Removal serves Houston and the surrounding areas with all-natural solutions to address your nuisance wildlife issues. We are exclusively an animal removal service provider because we understand that strict focus in a single area of expertise leads to superior workmanship and results. We offer the full spectrum of animal removal services, from trapping and barricading entry points to sanitizing and decontaminating the space to a state as if the infestation never happened. We can also repair most types of damages caused by nuisance wildlife in your residential or commercial property in Houston. Over the years Omega has redefined the standard and set a benchmark that our competitors aspire to with our high level of customer satisfaction, an attention to detail and the technological resources that are unparalleled in the industry. Today, we are Houston's foremost animal removal specialists, and back each project with an industry-first Lifetime Guarantee.

    Noises In Your Attic Can Make It Impossible To SleepRaccoon In an Attic
  • Signs of a Wildlife Infestation in Your Attic

    Signs of a Wildlife Infestation in Your Attic

    Let wild animals be wild, and stay outdoors. If you're noticing any of the following in your attic, call one of our Wildlife Specialists:

    • Feces, odors and urine stains
    • Trails and tracks around your property
    • Nesting sites, damage and debris in your attic

  • Most Common Wildlife Entering Your Texas Attic

    Most Common Wildlife Entering Your Texas Attic


    Houston has seen a drastic increase in rats that invade homes due to the increase in housing developments. Scratching noises in your attic may mean that you have unwelcome guests in the form of rats. Other than being annoying, these nuisances can cause serious damage to your wiring and structure in your Houston home and may even cause a fire or a multitude of health problems.


    Squirrels in Houston may be cute, but they can also cause serious structural damage. They chew on wires, ductwork and wood and can inflict even more damage than rats. Scratching and/or rolling noises during sunrise or sunset, may indicate a squirrel infestation. Call Omega Animal Removal to safely relocate these pests.


    Some of the biggest animals you will find in attics are raccoons. They are so large that they tend to sound like a grown man walking in the attic. Their excrement is toxic to humans, so call Omega Animal Removal immediately in order to remove the animal and its feces from your home.


    Houston attics and crawlspaces are also home to opossums, the only marsupials in North America. Smaller than raccoons but louder than rats, opossums are frequent carriers of fleas. Call Omega Animal Removal before your home is overrun by an opossum as well as fleas.


    Bats are federally protected animals, so you should never try to remove them yourself. Screeching and a strong ammonia odor are good indicators that these pests have made themselves at home. You may even see guano dripping from your eaves. Omega Animal Removal can safely remove these pests from your home.

    There are several other pests that may be found in your Houston home, but this a list of the most common ones.

  • Wildlife Management Services in Houston

    Wildlife Management Services in Houston

    We undertake a thorough, detail-oriented process to evaluate and resolve your wildlife problem. The process starts with an initial visit, in which an Omega Animal Removal Wildlife Specialist arrives at your premises and examines the perimeter of the home or office building to check for potential entry points for the animals at the ground level. We then check for entry points on the roof, as most animal infestations can be traced to a vulnerability at the roofing level.

    After examining the exterior of the structure, the specialist will access the attic to determine the state of the problem. Once the case has been evaluated our specialist will offer a professional opinion and consult on appropriate measures to resolve the issue. This includes recommended procedures, cost estimates and service warranties.

    Our trained specialist will then trap, remove and relocate the animal(s) humanely from your home or place of business before performing a full-home exclusion to seal off all current and potential entry points to ensure the removed animals do not find a way back in. We use only the highest-quality metal-based products for exclusions and offer the industry's best guarantee. After removing the infestation and reinforcing the defenses of the home or office with a full exclusion, we will decontaminate and sanitize the affected areas. Call Omega Animal Removal for all your wildlife removal needs, and you will have the most cost-efficient partner in the Houston area, a reputable service provider with a history of excellence.