• Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    Omega Animal Removal Keeps Animal Populations Under Control

    Omega Animal Removal is the most trusted name in population control in the Houston, Texas area. We provide all-natural solutions and work exclusively with animal and not pest control. This is because we recognize the age old wisdom that doing one thing well is much better than doing many things haphazardly.

    We offer everything from trapping and barricading entry points to sanitizing and repairing damage to your home or business. Our trained specialists are adept at recognizing the specifics of any particular wildlife problem and undertake a thorough and detailed evaluation to determine which of the many Houston area mammals might be plaguing your home. Then we will determine the most efficient way to keep nature outside your personal sanctuary.

    Typical wildlife problems include rats causing damage to property, chewing through wires and starting electrical fires. Squirrel overpopulation often leads to nesting attempts in attics and crawlspaces. Armadillos invading yards and causing damage to building foundations is a common problem in Houston due to the warm climate and moist soil. Raccoons often use their adept climbing skills to enter attics and overturn garbage cans, throwing debris all over the yard. Hogs are a problem specific to the southwest of the United States, invading yards and threatening your family and pets. Snakes are often found in gardens or hiding under porches, while bees drive residents slowly mad with their nests attached to the side of homes and businesses, droning endlessly day and night.

    Don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal if you suspect any of these creatures to be plaguing you. Different species can often exhibit the same signs of infestation, so it’s best to have a wildlife control professional with you before making a judgement call on how best to deal with the problem.

    Tons of baby rats drinking
  • Signs of a Population Control Problem

    Signs of a Population Control Problem

    The following are telltale signs you might have a wildlife population control issue on your hands:

    • Tracks about the size of a dog or large cat through your yard
    • Noises in the attic such as thumping or scratching
    • Droppings ranging in size from the size of a pen point to that of a small dog or cat
    • Urine patches in the attic or crawlspaces
    • Holes in your lawn or half eaten vegetables and plants from your garden
  • Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    Omega Animal Removal Helps with Population Control Problems

    After you call in Omega Animal Removal, the process starts with an initial visit from a licensed and insured Wildlife Specialist. Our trained professional will examine the exterior thoroughly both at the ground and roofline level in order to determine points of weakness on the building or in your yard. We will then inspect inside, searching your basement, attic and crawlspaces for signs pointing to the particular species.

    Once we have determined the scope and nature of the problem, Omega will offer the most effective and cost-efficient method for removal in the market. With the necessary tools and state of the art technology, our company will remove the troublesome population plaguing your residence or office. We then follow up with our unique decontamination and exclusion process to repair damage incurred, clean and sanitize all affected areas and seal all points of entry with heavy duty materials to preclude the possibility of a recurring issue. Our process comes with the guarantee of the best, most cost-effective and all-natural means to a permanent resolution.