Opossum Control and Removal in Houston, Texas

  • Don't Share Your Houston Home With an Opossum—Remove It

    Don't Share Your Houston Home With an Opossum—Remove It

    Opossums are commonly seen as oversized rodents, but they are actually marsupials that are closely related to kangaroos and koalas. They tend to be about two and a half feet long, are excellent climbers with sharp claws and a long tail for gripping— almost as strong as another limb—and spend most of their time above ground in trees. This is what makes them particularly adept at crawling up into your attic if your Houston home. Opossums are scavengers and they enter human residences to raid garbage and dumpsters much like raccoons. They are also attracted to carrion and this is why they are often spotted next to roadkill, playing dead. Opossums will sometimes hunt for their food, usually picking smaller animals such as mice, insects and worms, although they have been known to kill and eat snakes, chickens and birds as well.

    Opossums are solitary creatures, but the damage inflicted by a single one of them is astounding. They destroy gardens and ruin lawns while digging for worms and grubs. If they can find a way in, opossums will move into attics where they gather trash and leaves to build nests before stealing food and defecating and urinating all over the place. They carry a vast array of fleas, mites and parasites which can spread quickly throughout your home, sometimes causing severe allergic reactions in both humans and pets. In the most severe cases, Houston homeowners are forced to replace their entire insulation.

  • Signs of an Opossum Infestation

    Signs of an Opossum Infestation

    If you notice any of the following circumstances, be sure to call an Omega Animal Removal professional directly:

    • Thumping or scraping noises in your attic, walls or ceiling
    • Droppings the size of a cat or small dog or urine soaked floor space or insulation in your attic
    • Leaves and debris accumulated in uncommon places throughout your home
    • Overturned dumpsters or half eaten pet food
  • Omega Animal Removal Can Help With an Opossum Infestation

    Omega Animal Removal Can Help With an Opossum Infestation

    Omega Animal Removal in Houston, TX is a licensed, trained team of professionals adept at recognizing the behavior and tracks of various home invasion pests. It is important to understand the habits of the animal you are attempting to remove so that your removal remains permanent. Evicting the opossum is only the first step of ridding yourself of the problem. Omega Animal Removal has a four step guaranteed process:

    1. Evaluating and removing the opossum infestation.
    2. We then remove all polluted materials.
    3. Next we repair damage done to your home, ending with the most important step
    4. Exclusion. This means we seal all entrance points to make sure it is impossible for any animals to enter your home again.

    Be sure to call Omega Animal removal at the first suspicion of unwelcome oposums squabbling in your attic or crawlspace.