• Bees Buzzing Around Your Houston Home or Business? We Can Help

    Bees Buzzing Around Your Houston Home or Business? We Can Help

    Residents of the Houston, Texas area have dealt with bee infestations for years, often without recognizing the difference between species of bees, and occasionally even confusing bees and wasps. This is an important distinction as the same methods of pest control do not work for all winged insects. Certain species of bees are more threatening than others. The Africanized honey bee is an example of a more aggressive animal than the typical bumblebee. It is near impossible for an untrained professional to tell the difference, though. Both bee species are highly social and interdependent with an individual lifespan of only six weeks. The colonies live in large rotating shifts.

    The overpopulation of a bee colony matched with seasonal change often mean relocation of the family, called swarming. A group of worker bees and the queen bee desert the colony in search of a new location often choosing a resting site in the meantime. This means seasonal weather changes are ripe times for bees to choose your home or business as a temporary or permanent new home of the colony. It is essential to call a pest control professional before attempting to deal with a bee infestation as it is near impossible for the average person to tell the difference between species.

  • Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Signs of a Bee Infestation

    If you notice any of the following, call Omega Animal Removal to determine if you have a bee problem:

    • Two or more bees hovering around your roofline or wall
    • A low droning noise coming from the walls or near windows
    • An increase in the number of bees swarming around your flower beds
    • Waxy brown material, the hive, in clumps on the circumference of your home or office building
  • How Omega Animal Removal Can Help with Your Bee Problem

    How Omega Animal Removal Can Help with Your Bee Problem

    Omega Animal Removal’s Bee Specialists are trained professionals who have studied the behavior and markings of various bee species. We are best suited to manage your Houston, Texas bee problem and our strategy comes with an unparalleled guarantee. Our 4-step process begins with an evaluation of the problem followed by immediate removal of all evidence. We then repair your home or office to make your living and working space as good as new. Our final step is exclusion, taking preventative measures to make sure the problem does not come back to haunt you. There is a reason Omega Animal Removal is the most trusted name in pest control in Texas. Give us a call today for a building evaluation.

  • Removing Bee Swarms in Houston

    Removing Bee Swarms in Houston

    The foremost scientifically documented bee swarms are also the most frequently encountered ones, the honeybee swarms. Though a honeybee swarm doesn't cause any threat, apart from the fright issue that comes with the presence of bees, addressing an Africanized honeybee swarm is much more dangerous. It requires the help of a Bee Specialist. Bee swarms are thought to be less defensive but you, your family members and the people you work with ought to be aware of the fact that all types of bees sting, if they're aggravated.

    Bee swarming is a method that happens once a bee colony is prospering, and contains an large population of bees. The swarming of the bees is performed by worker bees and a queen that abandons the initial colony, in search of new grounds for the creation of a replacement colony. The workers and the queen gather at a resting site, typically in an exceedingly tree or on something of the same structure, and send scouts to go looking for the new colony location. When the proper location has been found, the bee swarm relocates to the location and start nesting and, therefore the development of a replacement colony.

    The bee swarms can either be primary or secondary. The first swarms are escorted by the queens, and embody a major range of worker bees that act because as defenders of the queen. The secondary swarms are driven by a couple of virgin female bees. Due to that fact, these swarms usually are not of the same scale as a primary swarm, and aren't that frequent. Swarms are easier to remove than established hives, and a Bee Removal and Management Specialist ought to have no drawbacks in removing a swarm close to your Houston home or workplace.

  • Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in Texas

    Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in Texas

    When confronted with the need of bee removal and control in Houston, one vital fact you ought to recognize is that you simply cannot permanently remove the bees, unless you remove the whole hive. A Bee Specialist will perform this action and take away all the pheromones left behind within the honeycomb and the wax, therefore preventing other bees from taking up residence. If the beehive and honeycomb removal method isn't conducted in a professional manner, the remains can attract new bees from miles away. Killing the bees that have taken shelter in a hive close to your home or workplace does not work, as new bees can take their place in no time. The sole positive technique for a good removing of the bees from your property is to get rid of the whole hive.

    The removal and control process needs to solely be performed with the right tools, and most importantly, with accurate information of bee behavior (especially when it comes to the more dangerous bees). The removal of a whole honeycomb from your property can include: destruction of the soffits, walls, decks and other spaces that are utilized by the bees to create their hives. With the assistance of trained professionals, you can conduct this task with success. Contact Omega Animal Removal and one of our Bee Specialists can come to your property, inspect the bee situation, and proceed to the fully removal of the honeycomb or beehive.