Bat Removal and Control in Houston, Texas

  • Get the Basics About Bat Removal in Houston

    Get the Basics About Bat Removal in Houston

    Bats are the only winged mammals and have almost as much variety of species as rodents. They are generally looked on as ecologically beneficial animals as opposed to rats and mice, because they pollinate flowers and devour mosquitoes and insects on a massive scale. Some people in Houston have even been known to install bat homes on their property to attract these critters to the area for bug control purposes. Bats prefer dark, unpopulated and dry spaces, so attics tend to be ideal roosting grounds for these winged creatures.

    Once they have decided to make a home of your attic space, they can destroy the building, littering the floor with feces, known as guano, a catalyst for bug invasions. They tend to be on the quiet end of the infestation spectrum, flying out to feed during the night hours and sleeping all day. It can take years for a homeowner to recognize that they have a bat problem, by which time the attic is blanketed with guano.

    It is complicated to control a bat infestation because they can enter through a hole smaller than an inch, can fly away if they sense a threat and are a state and federally protected animal that must be removed with care. Bats hibernate during the winter and it is not uncommon for them to migrate from an attic down the walls to a basement. It is important to have a pest control professional evaluate the problem immediately when you discover evidence of a bat infestation in your Houston home or building.

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  • Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Signs of a Bat Infestation

    Call Omega Animal Removal as soon as possible if you recognize any of the following red flags:

    • An increase in the number of bats flitting around your home at dusk or dawn
    • Guano, bat droppings, on the floor of your attic or basement, about twice the size of rodent feces
    • Fluttering or squeaking noises in your ceiling or walls
  • Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    Omega Animal Removal Complies with Bat Protection Laws

    It is almost impossible for Houston homeowners to manage a bat infestation on their own. Guano, often used as a fertilizer in other circumstances, is hazardous and attracts a variety of insects. Omega Animal Removal’s 4-step process begins with a 2-step inspection necessary to determine how the colony is entering and exiting your home: a visit that must take place at dusk before they exit for the evening feeding. We then come back during daylight to observe the bats habits while they are at rest.

    Omega Animal Removal in Houston then begins closing all gaps smaller than a quarter in your walls and roofline, safely removing lingering bats that do not flee by using professional, gentle equipment and decontaminating and cleaning the entire space affected. Our process is guaranteed to last. Our licensed and trained removal professionals have been monitoring the increase in bat populations for years and are best situated to handle your infestation quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Call today for an evaluation and free quote.

  • Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal & Decontamination in Houston

    Bat Exclusion, Guano Removal & Decontamination in Houston

    Even though bats are not aggressive, or pose serious physical threats, bat removal and control is necessary, and should be performed only by high-skilled professionals who know all the federal and state laws protecting the animals. Aside from the proper knowledge, the bat removal specialists need to use innovative techniques, suited gear, and high-quality products, so that the job is successful, and the bats are safely excluded from your Houston, Texas home.

    Omega Animal Removal only uses top-of-the-line metal-based products and materials, which we paint to match the color of your exterior paint, in the case of large access points that need to be closed. For all small gaps and openings, we use high-quality weatherproof and time-resistant sealants, so that new bats don’t enter the attic or crawlspace of your Houston, Texas house or commercial buildings.

    If bats are residing in your attic or crawlspaces, you can find an extreme quantity of droppings (guano) left behind by the bat colonies. Prolonged exposure to guano can raise serious health concerns for people. Ammonia is the most recurrent issue associated with the droppings of bats. Its odor can remain inside of your home for years if you do not properly remove all guano and conduct a full decontamination and sanitization of all the spaces that were inhabited by the bat colonies. Aside from the ammonia, bat droppings will also stain the zones that come in contact with them, producing damages that can amount to thousands of dollars to the exterior paint job on your Houston, Texas commercial building or residential house.