• Why It Is Important to Decontaminate Your Fort Worth Attic

    Why It Is Important to Decontaminate Your Fort Worth Attic

    It’s essential to remove all traces of wildlife from your Fort Worth, TX, home or business because the health threats remain long after full exclusions. Fecal matter and urine carrying a range of diseases, pheromones, nests, torn air conditioning ducts, gnawed electrical wires — the health and safety of your family or employees is potentially at risk until you fully clean and sanitize and decontaminate your attic.

    Fortunately, Omega Animal Removal leads the industry when it comes to the sanitization and decontamination of your attic. If you're thinking about taking this job on yourself, we discourage from doing so due to the health risks. We recommend leaving attic decontaminations to professionals like our Omega Animal Removal Rodent Control Specialists.

    Keep reading below to learn more about why we’re the industry leader, including our commitment to high quality products like our state-of-the-art attic fogging system, and our extensive guarantee.

    This is the reason we decontaminate your attic
  • Let Omega Animal Removal Decontaminate Your Attic

    Let Omega Animal Removal Decontaminate Your Attic

    Bacteria, fungus, microbes, viruses, odors, roaches, mites and fleas. These are the enemies living in your attic after the wildlife has been long gone, and they all need to be eliminated by our triple series fogging system treatment. Fogging is essential because the simple removal of animal droppings is inadequate due to the parasite, pheromones, mold — even grease and oils from the fur of animals — that is left behind.

    Step One: A disinfectant is released into your attic via an atomizing misting machine that renders all microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi inert. Nobody should enter the area for two hours following this fogging, which settles overnight and provides the basis for the second part of our fogging treatment.

    Step Two: Unsurprisingly, urine and feces in your attic can leave overwhelming odors, and the second part of our fogging treatment removes just that.

    Step Three: Parasites like roaches, mites and fleas accompany urine and fecal deposits in your attic — particularly those of opossums and rats —Fortunately our third fogging treatment kills these pests and prevents their eggs from growing.

    decontaminating opossum feces from an attic
  • Why You Should Decontaminate Your Attic

    Why You Should Decontaminate Your Attic

    If an animal has made your attic its home, it will designate part of your attic as a toilet, plain and simple. While this is disgusting to think about, it poses real and potentially life-threatening risks to you and your loved ones. This is why our Omega Animal Removal Rodent Control Specialists are committed to removing all fecal matter and urine from your attic via decontamination and fogging.

    Our attic restoration services are so comprehensive that while we are treating your attic we can also upgrade your insulation in the case that it fails to meet the minimum standard. What this means for your home is upgrading from less than R-30 value insulation to the R-38 value ISP fiberglass insulation that we use in every replacement project we undertake.

    When your insulation is sub-par, your energy costs are elevated, making your attic restoration period the most convenient time to optimize your efficiency — not to mention hide the trails left by animals, which are often formed by the grease on their fur.

    While most people try to save on energy costs via curtailment (not using energy), increasing the efficiency of your home actually saves the most money — insulation, efficient appliances, efficient light bulbs and efficient cars are your route to lower energy costs.