• We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in Fort Worth

    We Provide the Best Attic Restoration Services in Fort Worth

    Even when pesky animals are removed, the evidence of their activity remains. Sometimes this activity does so much damage to your attic that a fogging treatment just isn’t enough. In these cases, your Fort Worth home or business needs a full attic restoration from Omega Animal Removal.

    The result from letting Omega Animal Removal perform your attic restoration is an energy efficient attic, not just a restored attic. Our EPA Certified HVAC technicians will first inspect your attic from top to bottom to make sure you have a complete seal and that your A/C and ductwork are saving you every bit of money possible year-round. Next they'll blow in new insulation to ensure you attic will play an integral part keeping you cool during the summers and warm in the winter.

    The wrong insulation type actually invites rats and squirrels back in your attic. Other attic restoration companies use cellulose insulation because it's so cheap. This insulation is created by mills that crush and shred waste newspaper into a useable mass that is then treated with chemicals like boric acid which guard against fire and bugs, but not rats and squirrels.

    We want you to understand that attic restorations services do not solve wildlife issues. If you just restore your attic without an exclusion, the wildlife that damaged it can and likely will easily return. Attic restorations instead aim to clean up your attic after measures have been put in place to keep wildlife from returning.

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    Making your attic more energy efficient
    Our air sealing is designed to reduce air transfer between the attic and the interior of the home
    Making your attic more energy efficient
    The air leaks can come from even simple places like this
  • How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    How Omega Animal Removal Performs Attic Restorations

    Before committing to our attic restoration services, we want you to understand more about the process. Here's what to expect when you hire Omega Animal Removal to handle yours:

    • Remove all insulation, feces and debris from attic space.
    • Use our state-of-the-art 3 series fogging system treatment to sanitize and decontaminate every inch of your bare attic space against bacteria, fungus, viruses, microbes and pheromones.
    • Bring you home up to new home building code standards (R-38) by blowing new CertainTeed Insulsafe SP fiberglass.
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  • Why You Need Attic Restoration Services

    Why You Need Attic Restoration Services

    Some attics are worse than others, but Omega Animal Removal in Fort Worth will never exaggerate to sell you on restoration services you don’t need. If you just need a fogging treatment, that’s what we'll recommend. If you're in need or an attic restoration, we'll be upfront.

    Moreover, we don't use cheap materials like cellulose insulation because it is not energy efficient and does not deter rats and squirrels. Our competitors use it because it’s cheap, so cheap it’s only 1/3 the cost of our $27 bags of fiberglass installation, which we blow into an R-38 value for a 16” settling thickness. Compare this with the minimum R-30 value at a thickness of 13” and it’s easy to understand the difference.

    When you opt for better materials upfront, you'll see long lasting results. The superior quality of our products and the blow-in methods described above result in often very drastic changes to our clients’ energy bills. As if your increased energy efficiency wasn’t saving you enough money, your attic restoration could actually qualify you for a tax credit of 10% of your cost up to $500 if you have it installed in time and file a 5695 Form with the IRS.