• Full Residential Exclusions for Fort Lauderdale Homes and Properties

    Full Residential Exclusions for Fort Lauderdale Homes and Properties

    Omega Animal Removal provides the best wildlife control, removal and exclusion services to homeowners and businesses throughout Fort Lauderdale. Our state-licensed specialists will inspect, assess and design a decontamination and restoration plan for your attic to ensure no animal traces are left behind, and they don't return.

    We work diligently to identify all entry points, seal them off and reinforce all building structures to prevent wild animals from accessing to your property again. A successful exclusion targets all primary entry and exit areas as well as weaker points that can be used to get inside the attic. Omega Animal Removal trains their wildlife specialists to understand the behavior of the animals they deal with--like where and how animals hide and nest inside a Fort Lauderdale home.

    Our crew has the experience and technology to track down and cut off the access of all types of wild creatures that seek shelter inside houses. We are the only company that offers a Lifetime Guarantee of our exclusion service, so our customers have full peace of mind.

    before an exclusion
    Damage Before An Exclusion
    after an exclusion
    Repair After An Exclusion
  • Exclusion Services in Fort Lauderdale

    Exclusion Services in Fort Lauderdale

    Omega Animal Removal provides premier home and business restoration and exclusion services in Fort Lauderdale. We use the highest quality materials that guarantee reliable and long-term results. Our skilled crew will work diligently to ensure all entry points to your property are sealed off and reinforced to restore it to its previous state.

    We know just how important your home is and how minor damage caused by wildlife can decrease its value. That’s why it’s our goal to provide a cost-effective, high-quality exclusion service to Fort Lauderdale residents. Our work is characterized by attention to detail and commitment to excellence as we use materials and colors that match the original ones of the property we are restoring. This ensures the best possible results and it shows we provide aesthetically pleasing, reliable and trustworthy service.

    Regardless of the type or size of the damage animals have caused, Omega Animal Removal is here to assist you with the restoration and exclusion of your attic. Our crew is skilled in employing a variety of materials and techniques to obtain excellent results, backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. If you need professional help to seal off and restore your attic, get in touch with Omega Animal Removal today for a complimentary inspection and a quote.