• Why It Is Important to Decontaminate Your Fort Lauderdale Attic

    Why It Is Important to Decontaminate Your Fort Lauderdale Attic

    It's a common occurrence after dealing with an animal infestation in your Fort Lauderdale home to need a full attic decontamination. Removing and relocating the wildlife that had taken residence on your property is the first step to getting your house to normal. All animals nesting inside attics leave behind droppings and urine-soaked insulation that, if left untreated, can pose a serious health hazard apart from causing unpleasant odor.

    Omega Animal Removal provides proper decontamination services to ensure all animal traces have been eradicated from your attic. Decaying carcasses, piled food and soaked insulation can continue causing serious damages to your property, so we make sure all issues are resolved and your attic is as good as new. We employ a dedicated and structured approach when treating all spaces. Our decontamination services consist of removing and replacing affected insulation, vacuuming and removing droppings, fogging, sanitizing and disinfecting the entire attic.

    Our certified Animal Control Specialist may also recommend insulation upgrades if the existing insulation does not meet the minimum standard. Our choice of materials include ISP fiberglass to an R-38 value for maximum energy efficiency and attic protection. This is an optional service and is not included in the package, but our crew will be more than happy to walk you through the options.

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  • Let Omega Animal Removal Decontaminate Your Attic

    Let Omega Animal Removal Decontaminate Your Attic

    We implement a state-of-the-art fogging treatment that expels even the smallest particles trapped inside your insulation for optimal results. Our conventional approach consists of a two-stage fogging service that is guaranteed to sanitize all spaces to a high standard of hygiene, leaving no animal traces behind—although in extreme cases and often with raccoons and opossums, you may require a third fogging treatment. Upon finishing the animal trapping portion of our work, the Animal Control Specialist will assess the state of your attic All sessions are followed by a 24-hour waiting period to ensure the solution we use have time to take effect.

    Omega Animal Removal is the premier decontamination service company in Fort Lauderdale with a unique 3 fogging treatment that addresses all key issues:

    1. Disinfecting with an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial solution
    2. Odor-elimination
    3. Not always required, but we'll recommend it if we think you need it: residual pest control with a solution that targets fleas, mites and roaches

    Our comprehensive approach offers the most thorough protection for your property, ensuring no animal traces are left behind. Complete sanitation and decontamination of the attic eliminates the possibility of new wildlife being attracted to the scent or residual food left behind by previous occupants.

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  • Why You Should Decontaminate Your Attic

    Why You Should Decontaminate Your Attic

    Typically, all residential and commercial buildings in Florida that have been subject to animal infestation are recommended to undergo decontamination and sanitization. Capturing and removing the main carrier is only part of the work we do at Omega Animal Removal. We strive to provide a service that fully protects our clients. We follow through with every case and consider a job well done only when your house has been restored to its original state by removing:

    • Feces Contamination
    • Disease Spread
    • Foul Odours
    • Health Hazard
    • Risk of Secondary Pests (fleas, mites, roaches)

    Call and inquire today for our attic decontamination service package and our Certified Specialists will be happy to give you a quote.

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