• Bees Buzzing Around Your Fort Lauderdale Home or Business? We Can Help

    Bees Buzzing Around Your Fort Lauderdale Home or Business? We Can Help

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a significant population of bees with many species and the first step of managing a bee infestation is knowing which breed you are dealing with. Bees are one of the most useful insects for our ecosystem and are respected and taken care of throughout the United States, but that does not change the fact that, when found in urban residences, they can cause significant damage, raise health concerns and frighten residents.

    Often, due to these traits, people try to solve the problem on their own, thinking it can’t be too difficult an operation. Bees are harmless most of the time, and in order to conduct a bee removal and control operation, you need to have the compulsory information about bees, their species and the way they react to outside disturbances. For example, people often use store-bought wasp sprays on bees because they confuse the two insects. These wasp repellents are not only pointless, but aggravate the bees and are dangerous for your health. The best solution is to contact Omega Animal Removal and put a Bee Control Specialist on the case.

    The insects that have given birth to the expression “busy as a bee” lead a full life, and conduct essential cycles of our ecosystem, but sometimes their daily activity disturbs the residents of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In fact, bees residing in urban properties are not only a nuisance for people or pets, but are also a danger for the proper development of their colony. Depending on the species of bee, an infestation has various levels of risk. European Honeybees pose little to no threat for humans, as opposed to the Africanized Honeybees, which are one of the most dangerous species of bees that reside in North America.

    Having a bee infestation on your Fort Lauderdale property results in costly damages, can scare your children and your pets, and can prompt acute allergic reactions. Contact Omega Animal Removal as soon as you spot the bees, and let our Bee Specialists handle your removal and control needs.

    Being able to identify different species of bees can help you stay protected, which is why you should know a few general facts about European Honeybees and their behavior. Africanized Honeybees are known for having an aggressive nature and being fierce attackers. Their alarm radius is much larger than other species and if you disturb one of their hives, it can have serious consequences. Omega Animal Removal’s advice is to let our Bee Specialist inspect the bees, decide what species they are dealing with and proceed from there.

  • Signs of a Bee Infestation

    Signs of a Bee Infestation

    The following circumstances may indicate a bee infestation:

    • Groups of three or more bees hovering around your roofline or walls
    • An increase in bees swarming around your flower beds or garden
    • Buildup of waxy brown material on the side of your home or office building
  • Removing Bee Swarms in Fort Lauderdale

    Removing Bee Swarms in Fort Lauderdale

    Bee swarms are continuously being studied by scientists because they provide valuable information on honeybees and their behavior, regardless of species. From a swarm you can determine how bees conduct themselves inside the colony, when and why they feel the need to move to a new location and how they make sure the swarm is successful. All this information can help us identify why bees attack humans, and how they react when disturbed by outside factors. A bee swarm is less dangerous than a hive of bees, because there are no young larvae to protect, but you ought to stay clear of it, because attack zones vary by species.

    All bee species sting when aggravated or if they think that their life is in danger. Bee swarming is a development that materializes when a bee colony is flourishing and when it has a healthy population of bees. A colony can become feeble because of several reasons, such as the disease of their queen, or starvation. Feeble colonies of bees are less predisposed to swarming, at least until they get stronger and grow their population. The crowding of a bee colony, as well as seasonal changes, can help manifest a bee swarm.

    Swarming is performed by a number of worker bees and a queen. They abandon the initial colony in the pursuit of new lands for the formation of the new colony. The workers and the queen then congregate at a resting site, usually in a tree or similar structure, and send scouts to search for their new colony position. The scouts frequently find these sites inside of a log or other cavity. There are two types of bee swarms: primary and secondary. The primary swarms are led by the queens and include a substantial number of worker bees that act as the queen’s defenders for the duration of the swarming process. The secondary swarms are generally conducted by virgin female bees, and because of that these secondary swarms are half the size of a primary swarm, and are not as frequent.

    Bee swarms are thought to be easier to remove, a bee removal and control specialist ought to have no problem in removing a swarm near your Fort Lauderdale, Florida home or workplace, if he or she possesses the suitable understanding of bee behavior, materials and gear.

  • Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in Florida

    Honeycomb Removal and Bee Control in Florida

    When confronted with the need for bee removal and control, one of the vital aspects that you should consider is that you can only get rid of bees by removing the entire hive. A bee specialist can accomplish this deed and remove all the pheromones left behind in the honeycomb and in the wax, therefore averting the arrival of different bees. If the beehive and honeycomb removal process is not directed methodically, the remaining traces will attract new bees, even from miles away. Killing the bees that have taken residence in a hive near your home or workplace is an inefficient method for solving a bee problem, as other bees will take their place in little time. The only real technique for permanently removing the bees from your home is to remove the entire hive and decontaminate the area, in order to get rid of all the pheromones and the honeycomb left behind.

    The removal and control process can only be accomplished with the appropriate materials and gear, a state-of-the-art strategy, and most importantly, with the correct comprehension of bee patterns and behavior. The removal of a whole honeycomb from your Fort Lauderdale home may include tearing down soffits, wooden decks, walls and any other places that have been used by the bees to build their hives. It is only with the aid of qualified experts that you will be able to effectively reverse the infestation.

    Contact Omega Animal Removal and one of our expert Bee Specialists will organize a meeting with you to remove in full the honeycomb or beehive, after he or she has explained the situation the degree of necessity for decontamination. Our bee removal and control work in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is always backed by the industry’s best guarantee.