Snake Control and Removal in Dallas, Texas

  • Don't Let Snakes Make Your Dallas Home Theirs—Remove Them

    Don't Let Snakes Make Your Dallas Home Theirs—Remove Them

    With over 75 species of snakes living in the Dallas, Texas area, it can be overwhelming and downright frightening when you come across one. You may not be able to tell if it's venomous or not. You'll likely encounter snakes on the move during warmer months, and in the winter months it's not uncommon for us to find snakes hiding in garages, kitchens around attic exhaust vents and other warm places. Even though only a few people per year die from venomous snakebites in Dallas, most people don't want any snakes slithering around their home or property.

    The most common type of venomous snakes locally are pit vipers, which include rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and copperheads. The only other type of venomous snake in Dallas, Texas is the coral snake, which is very brightly colored with red sections touching yellow bands. Most snakes will actually try and stay as far away from you as possible and are not a threat, but we understand the need to keep your family, coworkers and pets safe.

    From rattlesnakes to black racers, Omega Animal Removal in Dallas, Texas will remove any snake, poisonous or not, from your home or building. A Snake Removal Specialist will be dispatched to your property to determine what type of snake is making its home too close for comfort. First, our specialist will remove the snake(s) from your property to an uninhabited area. Next, we'll evaluate your home or commercial building to identify any points of entry. Because snakes have the ability to slither into small openings, we'll seal off any holes to deter them from reentering through these access points in the future.

    Leave snake removal to the professionals at Omega Animal Removal in Dallas, Texas. We're so confident in the job we perform for our customer, that we offer an unbelievable guarantee.

  • Signs of a Snake Infestation

    Signs of a Snake Infestation

    Snakes are typically solitary creatures, so if you see one, don't panic thinking you could have dozens around your home or business. Besides seeing a snake, here are a few signs that indicate you might be sharing your space with a serpent:

    • You see a snakeskin.
    • You found babies or eggs. Snakes typically give birth in the fall, so this sign is often season specific.
    • You can spread flour or another non-toxic powder near warm appliances in suspected areas like garages to look for slither marks.