Prairie Dog Control in Dallas, Texas

  • Prairie Dog Ruin Your Yard. Omega Animal Removal Puts a Stop to It.

    Prairie Dog Ruin Your Yard. Omega Animal Removal Puts a Stop to It.

    Prairie dogs are native to the North American grasslands, and are essentially squirrels that make their habitat underground rather than in trees. Once they have moved into your backyard, their burrowing tendencies spell disaster for your lawn and garden. A single prairie dog sighting frequently indicates an infestation as these animals are highly social settle in packs.

    Trapping prairie dogs is complicated as they are suspicious of any changes to their environment and the burrows are long, often reaching up to 30 feet in length. There can be up to six entrances to a prairie dog burrow, which are typically recognizable by a protective mound of dirt around the rim to prevent flooding of the burrow. A single opening like this can indicate an entire city below the earth where prairie dogs create individual chambers for everything from a nursery for their young to chambers specific to night time and others for winter. There are also air chambers believed to prevent flooding and create a space to listen for predators. The burrows range from a three to ten feet below ground, so even when the signs of prairie dog presence are subtle, entire cities can be hidden out of eyesight. The colonies can stretch for acres under your home and contain up to 26 different family groups in the same prairie dog “town.”

    They are largely herbivores though on rare occasions they will eat insects, which means no yard or flower bed is safe from these scavengers once they have discovered a grassy haven. Many people suffering from prairie dog infestations have the instinct to fumigate their burrows, but this is complicated and dangerous for humans and pets until the extent and spread of the underground burrows are clear. Once you suspect your home and yard have been invaded by this multiplicative species call Omega Animal Removal immediately for an assessment of the scope of the problem and the most efficient way to bring it under control.

    Our four step process with resolve your prairie dog problem quickly and permanently, guaranteed. Our Wildlife Specialist begins by observing your property as well as those surrounding your borders in order to determine the species and most efficient method for removal. We then humanely live-capture and relocate the wildlife nuisance far away from your home and neighborhood. We then perform a full home exclusion to be sure prairie dogs can in no way enter the crawlspace beneath your home or through holes in your shed or basement. We then repair the damage done to your property, focusing on reshaping the burrows and dig marks for a smooth lawn.

  • Signs of a Prairie Dog Infestation

    Signs of a Prairie Dog Infestation

    Below are a few signs you might have a prairie dog infestation:

    • Holes in the ground approximately 4-12 inches in diameter with or without an 8-12 inch rim crater around the edge of the entrance
    • Lines of slightly raised earth stretching for several feet
    • Prairie dog sightings themselves