Pocket Gopher Control in Dallas, Texas

  • Pocket Gopher Problems? Omega Animal Removal Can Help.

    Pocket Gopher Problems? Omega Animal Removal Can Help.

    Pocket gophers are burrowing rodents that are common to North and Central America. The name comes from the pouches in their fur-lined cheeks which can be turned inside out and are used to transport food back to their burrows. They are tunneling animals similar to squirrels, but make their habitat underground rather than in trees.

    Despite being rather solitary creatures, gophers are highly territorial and collect massive hoards of food and flora in their burrows, rarely surfacing above ground. They frequently raid vegetable gardens and destroy plantlife and are frequently carriers of parasites harmful to humans and pets. They have also been known to attack cats and even humans, inflicting dangerous scratches and bites from their long nails and sharp front teeth. Pocket gophers are considered agricultural pests for the most part. They prefer moist soil and are typically found where the ground is softer and facilitates tunneling more easily. This makes lawns and gardens particularly ideal for pocket gophers, creating a huge problem for homeowners. These creatures also chew through plastic water lines, destroy sprinkler systems and divert irrigation water and natural runoff streams causing massive soil erosion.

    Pocket gopher holes are recognizable by soft mounds of loose dirt where they have attempted to hide the entrance hole. A single gopher can create several of these obnoxious mounds in a single day. Their burrows cover a surface anywhere from 200 to 2,000 square feet. It’s important to move quickly as soon as you detect the presence of pocket gophers as they are active and reclusive creatures that create a lot of damage in a small amount of time. They are complicated to trap or capture.

    Omega Animal Removal has proven, effective and cost-efficient methods for pocket gopher control in Dallas, Texas. Our technicians focus on your property line as well as the extent of the burrows and determine the scope of the situation before moving in to remove the issue immediately and permanently. With the expertise of our wildlife specialists, Omega Animal Removal will eliminate any and all pocket gophers from the area humanely. We then evaluate the damage and correct lawn and garden violations. Call Omega Animal Removal today to make your property your own again.

  • Signs of Pocket Gopher Infestation

    Signs of Pocket Gopher Infestation

    Keep a vigilant eye on your Dallas property. If you notice any of the following, you may have a pocket gopher on your hands:

    • Small mounds of loose dirt that indicate a pocket gopher entrance hole below
    • Patches of empty dirt in your lawn and flower beds
    • Loose or springy parts of your yard that indicate a raised water table
    • Trails of soil compaction