Omega Animal Removal Can Rid You of Hogs for Good

  • If Hogs are Going Hog Wild on Your Dallas Property, Call Omega Animal Removal

    If Hogs are Going Hog Wild on Your Dallas Property, Call Omega Animal Removal

    Pigs are highly intelligent omnivores that can easily adapt to live anywhere, from forested to urban areas. Feral hogs have become difficult to control throughout Texas. They forage in lawns and gardens when searching for food and are undiscriminating in their diet, eating anything and everything from your vegetable garden to your pet’s food to your pet itself. Homeowners in Dallas have started installing hog-proof fences that come in a net or diamond mesh wire shape with small spaces of less than six inches. Electric fences are the most effective in keeping wild hogs out of your yard. Feral hogs have become dangers even to adult sheep and goats, and they easily demolish grain and vegetable crops within a several mile radius. These wild animals are dangerous for two reasons. First, they are actively aggressive against the slightest perceived threat and have extremely sharp tusks. Second, they carry fatal diseases such as brucellosis and rabies which can be transferred to pets, livestock and humans.

    Other animal control problems may be difficult to notice at first because many pests are skittish around humans. Hogs are the opposite. These large mammals have no problem staking their claim in your backyard and devouring your entire vegetable garden in front of your eyes. These dangerous animals, however, should not be approached or shooed without the help of an animal control professional. Omega Animal Removal is adept at both trapping and exclusion, from snares and cage traps to electric fences, we know how to establish an effective and cost-efficient solution to keeping these wild pigs far away from your home and family.

    At Omega Animal Removal, our strategy is to immediately remove any wild animal from proximity, and then locate the feeding and movement of the pigs using a scientific understanding of common feral hog behavior. We then focus on establishing a method for exclusion, including fencing and incentivizing the pigs to keep far away from your home. If you see a feral hog on your premises, don’t hesitate to call Omega Animal Removal immediately as these dangerous animals pose a threat to you and your family.

  • Signs of a Hog Infestation

    Signs of a Hog Infestation

    If you noticed any of the following around your home or property, you may have hogs that need to be removed:

    • Clumsily destroyed garden crops
    • Shallow holes of about half a foot in close proximity and disturbed undergrowth
    • Sighting a hog or hogs near your home or property